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Studio Art Majors Receive Career Advice with Pathways

Studio Art Majors Receive Career Advice with Pathways

October 12, 2018

Majors in any artistic field are conditioned to defend their academic path to friends, relatives, and new acquaintances alike. Many are used to deflecting inevitable pointed questions such as, “Oh, so you’re an art major? What are you going to do with that?” Pathways, a speaker series hosted by the Art department, challenges the antiquated trope of the “starving artist.” By bringing together current art students and alumni in conversation, the series looks to showcase how an Oberlin...

AMAM Prepares for Joint Senior Studio Exhibit

AMAM Prepares for Joint Senior Studio Exhibit

April 14, 2017

Senior Studio art exhibition The Stories We Tell Ourselves by College seniors Maggie Middleton, Isa Diaz-Barriga and Jasper Clarkberg, aimed at challenging assumptions about identity based on geography, race and class, opens this evening with a talk by the artists in the Allen Memorial Art Building. Each group member approached the idea of cultural geography from different angles, drawing directly and indirectly from personal experience and cultural identity. “I know that I definitely take the storie...

Restructured Senior Studio Fosters Direct Student Involvement

Audrey Saunders, Staff Writer

April 5, 2013

As graduation looms nearer and upperclassmen belatedly begin to work on the culmination of their Oberlin careers — the “capstone” — they can look forward to the stimulating distraction of an April and early May chockfull of Senior Studio exhibitions. April in particular, due to the larger-than-usual number of students who are participating in Senior Studio this academic year, promises to be particularly busy for the artists — and for us interested patrons. The students of Senior Studio have taken on the difficult task of coordinating the exhibition of their capstones in collaboration with their peers. Scheduling conflicts in regard to when each show would be held were inevitable with so many voices and needs...

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