In the Locker Room with Teddy Pallis and James Kriz

The Review sat down with men’s lacrosse seniors Teddy Pallis and James Kriz to discuss a program-wide paradigm shift, a team-wide facial hair phenomenon and their futures.

Phoebe Hammer, Staff Writer

I couldn’t help but notice interesting facial hair on members of the team right now. Is there a purpose for this?

James Kriz: I’m so glad you asked. We’ve been waiting to tell you.

Teddy Pallis: [The mustaches] symbolize commitment and teamwork, but mainly manliness. Everyone should be doing it, regardless of ability to grow said mustache.

How has the lacrosse program changed since your freshman year?

TP: It’s dramatically different; there is no question. The expectations are much higher [now], and that is just a product of the level of play that we are striving for, that we are now able to achieve. There is a big difference between the ability that we have and where we can go now.

JK: Much higher expectations. There is more belief in the program going in a direction. When we showed up here, the program was in pieces.

TP: Yeah, there were eight of us when we came in [as first-years], and we are the only two that have stayed from that group.

So why did you stay?

TP: I don’t know. I love good lacrosse, and I’ve been striving to play good lacrosse here for four years.

JK: I just never wanted to end being [bad]; I wanted to see the program off to a much different point than when I came in.

Are you happy with where you are leaving the program?

TP: I’d hope that I could have been here for more of the paradigm shift that is now going on, but I definitely think it’s going in that direction.

JK: I’d always like it to be better. I’m never going to be completely satisfied. It’s important for the guys in the future to know they want to get better, so that they can leave the program better than when they came in.

What’s your favorite lacrosse memory?

JK: For me, [it was] my sophomore year — Carthage College came here, they had been undefeated and beat everyone in the West and thought they were hot stuff. They had beaten us the year before. Then we just beat the crap out of them. It was one of the most satisfying wins I have ever seen.

TP: It will be beating Kenyon on Wednesday, the 27th.

What’s your favorite post-game snack?

JK: P. F. Changs, mostly.

TP: Victory. That’s my favorite post-game snack: … the anguish of a stricken foe. And any variety of Subway sandwiches.

You guys probably know each other pretty well after playing together for four years. If you could give each other any superlative, what would it be?

TP: I’m not the creative writing major here

JK: Teddy go first. Set the tone.

TP: Okay …most likely to win an Ocean City Beauty Pageant in Ocean City, MD

JK: Most likely to be a Segway mall cop. When he’s 35.

What do you guys do when you’re not playing lacrosse?

TP: [Play the videogame] NFL Blitz 2000.

JK: Windsurf up the Cuyahoga River.

What are your plans for next year?

JK: I’m going to be working for a film production company this summer, and I’m hoping to get a job there for the year while I apply to grad schools.

TP: I’m hopefully going to teach high school science and coach either lacrosse or basketball. If that doesn’t work out, I’ll be the omelet sous-chef at Stevenson dining hall.