COVID-19 Update

Oberlin College

According to ObieSafe Campus Testing Statistics, in the past month, five positive rapid tests were reported to ObieSafe. As of Sept. 26, 2022, the campus had an 81.5 percent booster rate, which included 80.4 percent of students, 89.2 percent of faculty, and 82.4 percent of staff. College students, faculty, and staff are required to receive a booster dose unless they have qualified for a medical or religious exemption through the College.

Lorain County

From Jan. 5 through today, there have been 1,104 new cases of COVID-19 in Lorain County per The New York Times. During the
same time period, there were nine reported COVID-19 deaths. Per the Ohio Department of Health, 68.9 percent of Lorain County residents have received at least one dose of the vaccine for a total of 213,486 recipients — 123,667 and 59,054 residents have received their first and second booster doses, respectively.


From Jan. 5 through Feb 8, there have been 31,456 reported new cases of COVID-19 in Ohio. There have been 1,265 hospitalizations and 206 deaths according to the Ohio Department of Health. Per the Ohio Department of Health, 64.71 percent of Ohio residents have begun vaccination, with a total of 7,564,160 vaccinated individuals. 3,968,445 Ohioans have received their first booster dose and 1,757,298 have received their second dose.