World Headlines

Kim Jong Un Orders Central Committee to Improve Agricultural Sector

North Korea’s economy has been impacted by environmental disasters, sanctions, and trade disturbances with China due to COVID-19. Kim recommended improvements to irrigation systems and agricultural technologies. He also requested that surplus land be used as farmland.

Israeli Shooting in Palestine Kills 11, Injures More Than 100

According to Palestinian forces, during a daytime raid in the occupied West Bank Feb. 22, the Israeli Defense Forces killed 11 people and injured more than 100. Casualties included both  militants and civilians, with one death from tear gas exposure. This raid brought the death toll of Palestinians killed by the IDF up to 55 so far in 2023.

Proposed Power Station Would Store Carbon Under North Sea

According to an article by BBC World News, the U.K. government is proposing a new power station that would capture and store carbon dioxide, which is a large contributor to climate change. Per the British government, natural gas would be burned at a power station to produce electricity, and then carbon dioxide would be separated from other gases and stored under the North Sea in saline aquifers made from permeable rock or in old oil and gas reservoirs. This carbon capture power plant is a step in the U.K. government’s commitment to remove carbon from British electricity production by 2035. This new gas power station would cost £350 million to construct.

Greek PM Says Train Crash is a Result of Human Error

A passenger train, containing 350 people, was traveling to Thessaloniki from Athens when it collided with a freight train coming from Larissa around midnight on Tuesday. The search for survivors is ongoing. According to an article by BBC World News, “One of Greece’s worst-ever rail disasters, which claimed at least 43 lives, was due to ‘tragic human error.’” Kostas Karamanlis, the transport minister of Greece, has resigned, and the local stationmaster has been charged with manslaughter.