Students Highlight Style and Interests With Sticker-Clad Laptops

Club meetings, college tours, tattoo shops, coding conventions, and Etsy packages are just a few of the places where people pick up stickers, but where do they put them? Many students use their laptops as displays for their ever- expanding sticker collections. These sticker-covered computers help express their owners’ interests and passions.

College first-year Frances McFetridge has covered her laptop with some of her favorite stickers and has a story behind each one.

“I have an ‘I Voted’ sticker, pretty basic,” McFetridge said. “I have a sticker that my friend’s uncle made that he gave me after he was mean to me at the skatepark. I have a Vans Acid Ski + Sport sticker that my dad made when he worked with Vans on a little Instagram commercial that I was in. I have one that my high school art teacher made for me, and then just a red circle I took from the chair of a college counseling office.”

When it comes to other people’s laptop decoration, McFetridge has no judgment for the stickers people choose to display. However, she prefers that all of her own stickers come from a different place rather than be curated in one particular style or sticker pack.

“Personally, I want to have my laptop look like I’m a hot mess, and then I want the things inside of it to prove that I’m not, ” McFetridge said.