Crossword: “The Birds and the Bees”


Editors’ Note: This crossword is meant to encourage conversation on sex positivity and double entendres in
writing about sex. We hope that this dialogue will spotlight how we talk about sex, the language and rhetoric we
emphasize in these conversations, and how we grapple with any latent discomfort we may feel when discussing


3. With “on,” how one might cool down hot soup

4. Asphyxiate

5. Like a language with etymological roots in Latin

7. One who converts others to a religion

11. Round, often inflated objects used in sporting events

12. Six, in Latin

13. To smash, as a grape

16. To electronically shake rhythmically

17. Thin sleeve, as for a tank top


1. Endearing matriarchal nickname

2. What you might call a rhinoceros

4. Cellular division

6. Appliance used for puffing corn

8. Dual-bladed cutting device

9. A stone fruit that grows on certain palm trees

10. Name of the social media website used by students in Victorious, with “the”

12. To remove, as paint from a wall

14. Card game similar to solitaire, for two

15. A type of songbird, when followed by “mouse”