1. In math, dy/dx

5. Viral line from Pearl (2022): “Please, I’m a ___!”

7. 10-sided 3D shape

10. With 5-, famous song by Smash Mouth

11. Blind earthbender from Avatar: The Last Airbender

12. Canada’s pastime

14. Killer whale

15. Birds representing Athena

16. Burt’s buzzers

17. What you spill while gossiping

18. Monster in Beowulf

21. League of Legends World Championship 2018 theme song

24. First component of SOHCAHTOA, in trig

25. Smudge

26. Bane of the vegan vampire

27. Girls, informally

29. Jump out of a plane

31. ___: The Gathering

34. Home of the University of Virginia



1. Skipping school

2. Daily browser game featuring a Wikipedia article

3. Large animal related to goats and sheep native to Asia

4. They killed the radio star

5. California county where ranch dressing was first sold commercially

6. Home of the Mayo Clinic

8. Large deer

9. Nearest airport to Oberlin

13. Sing with rapid changes between normal and falsetto voice

17. Final component of SOHCAHTOA

19. A beer hall or restaurant in a basement, for short

20. Suburb of New York where artist Edward Hopper was born

22. Sick

23. What the imposter is, in meme culture

24. Substance that dissolves a solute

26. Picturesque

28. Ancient yellow pigment

29. Cell body of a neuron

30. Southern counterpart of “yinz”

32. The organ in a fish that allows it to breathe

33. Middle component of SOHCAHTOA