Women’s Soccer Looks for Win on Senior Day

Joe Graybeal

The women’s soccer team traveled to Kenyon College this weekend for its second conference match of the season. While the Yeowomen played a competitive match from start to finish, the Ladies of Kenyon were able to grab a two-goal lead in the first half and sneak one more into the goal in the second half. From early on, the Yeowomen were forced to make changes to the backline after first-year defender Tricia Souza was forced to leave the game following an injury. In a game where team chemistry is vital to success, the disruption of the defense undoubtedly had a significant impact on the Yeowomen’s ability to thwart Kenyon’s attack.

The Yeowomen suffered another conference defeat on Tuesday against Ohio Wesleyan University. Despite an improvement offensively that culminated in five corners, the Bishops came out strong early and were able to finish their chances on multiple occasions.

Junior Sarah Andrews noted that learning to synthesize different styles of play has an impact on team chemistry, saying, “It is difficult. We all have different, particular playing styles and to have it switched from game to game and sometimes even from half to half is a little jarring. It’s not like the switches are super crazy, it’s just that instead of being able to play and not worry about who is where and how each player positions themselves, you’ve gotta be paying attention to who’s on your flanks and how high she tends to play, how fast she steps to the ball, and how quickly she can recover.”

Despite the defensive change against Kenyon, Oberlin was able to keep 25 of Kenyon’s 39 shots off target, leading to an abysmal shot on goal percentage of 39 percent. While the Yeowomen took fewer shots overall, they were able to keep 57 percent of their shots on frame, a figure that the Yeowomen will hope to carry over into their Oct. 13 game against Hiram College.

In the past four years, the Yeowomen have gone back and forth with Hiram in some of the most competitive and hard-fought matches in the conference. With a win, a loss and two double-overtime ties in their last four matches, a fierce rivalry has developed that the Yeowomen hope to take control of this Saturday.

Adding to what will surely be a hotly contested match, the game falls on Senior Day, and emotions will be running high for Cheryl Lindsly, Angie Garcia and Hannah Combe, who are graduating this year. Together, they have experienced both the highs and lows of competition.

“A win on Saturday would be exactly what this team needs,” said senior co-captain Hannah Combe. “I definitely think that we have the capability to win, and if we do win then it would provide the kind of confidence in ourselves that would positively influence the remainder of our regular season, as well as provide Angie and Cheryl and me with a great Senior Day memory.”

Combe currently leads the Yeowomen in shots with 28 on the season and will be expected to keep up the pressure on opposing defenses when the Yeowomen face Hiram on Saturday at 3 p.m.