Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Weekly Crossword



1. Type of irrigation system

4. Peach State, abbr.

6. __ to riches

10. Where the Review is based, abbr.

11. Buckeye State

13. Small cut

15. Where Dreamworks Animation’s Shrek lives

16. A common nightshade fruit

18. Et __

20. To cut grass

21. Word that can follow “garlic” or “light”

23. Baby farm animal, or body part

25. Hoppy type of beer

27. King of the jungle

29. To be somewhere

30. Chickens live here, as well as some Oberlin students 

31. Semiliquid mixture typically associated with farm waste

34. An amt. of salt one might put in cookies, for example

35. To look at 12-down

36. What one sends when they txt

38. Capital of 4-across, abbr. 

39. Informal synonym for wonderful

40. Earth is just “eh” without __

42. Type of lime good for pies

43. Potential nickname for the boy from Neverland

44. Came closer to

47. 51-across homonym

48. How one would travel on horseback

50. Language that Shakespeare wrote in, abbr. 

51. One would need this in order to do 2-down

52. An Indigenous American planting technique

54. First two vowels

55. Energy company, abbr. 

56. Broader category to which 25-across belongs

59. Strong-smelling plant

62. Holiday celebrated on April 22

63. American poet, or first sign of winter



2. To move forward in a boat

3. Boston museum, abbr.

4. Proceed

5. Sigh

6. This space can only exist inside a building

7. To bite persistently

8. Perhaps the first command one might teach their dog

9. Synonym for alright, abbr.

12. Cousin from the Addams family

14. What an environmentally conscious person would do with food scraps

15. Akin to snails

17. Sound that animal in 23-across makes

18. Singular stomach muscle

19. A forest has these

22. This fruit bush prefers acidic soil

23. Another name for cilantro

24. Old McDonald had one of these

25. Just a tiny bit

26. This grows in an orchard

28. Anger

32. Test needed to get into law school

33. Like fine wine or cheese

37. Slang term for a bug with itchy bites

39. When soil is particularly good for planting

41. Professor’s helper, abbr. 

43. Receiving box in mail center, abbr. 

45. Catholic prayer beads

46. Sin and tan are other examples

49. “That is”

53. Sound that 27-across would make, if emo

55. Solid, liquid, ___

58. Extra, abbr. 

59. Three ft. = one __

60. A type of battery

61. From somewhere

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