Theater Preview Must-See: Play It Again, Sam

Andrew Gombas, Staff Writer

The insanity of Woody Allen is gracing the Little Theater stage this weekend in the production of his classic comedy Play It Again, Sam. The director, gifted College senior Sam Abrams, makes a distinct departure from the style of her last show in this self-conscious gut-buster featuring an all-star cast of longtime Oberlin theater vets, as well as a few newbies.

The show follows cinephile Allan Felix (College senior Andy Sold), who is maniacally attempting to sort out his love life after his wife Nancy (College junior Karyn Todd) leaves him because of his many Woody Allen-esque flaws. What ensues is a whirlwind of sex, lies and aspirin, as Allan takes advice from his corporate best friend Dick (College junior Alex Kotlikoff), spends a little too much time with Dick’s wife Linda (College senior Marina Shay) and begins to hallucinate that Humphrey Bogart (College junior Robert Salazar) has come back from the grave to guide Allan’s life back on course with some unbelievably misogynistic advice. The hijinks that ensue are sure to make your gut explode in a spray of intestinal fluid and laughter.

The show seems to be challenging the actors and director to perform outside of their comfort zones. Abrams has proven herself an adept director over the last few years, but this show is so radically different from her last production, the sobering Two Rooms, that heads are turning all over campus. Similarly, several of the main actors in the show, such as Shay and Kotlikoff, have primarily played serious dramatic roles in Oberlin theater productions. However, with the talent that Abrams and her cast have displayed over the years, and the responses of viewers of advance showings, it seems like we have little to worry about and much to get excited for.

The review of this show is forthcoming, but early showings of the play have yielded such audience comments as, “One of the funniest plays I’ve seen at Oberlin,” “Hilariously uproarious” and “Yes! Yes, yes, yes! YES!” So make sure to squeeze in time this weekend to see Play It Again, Sam, playing this Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., as well as Saturday and Sunday at 2 p.m. in the Little Theater.