Editorial: New Name, Same Section

The Editorial Board

As some of our readers may have noticed, a few weeks ago The Oberlin Review rebranded our “Commentary” section with the moniker “Opinions.” Although the content of the section will remain the same, and the two words mean the same thing, the Review nevertheless decided that a name change would clear up confusion that apparently existed about the nature and purpose of Commentary.

We came to this decision due to individuals repeatedly contacting the Review to express their concern over bias found in the letters, editorials and op-eds that made up the content of the Commentary section. While we strive to present news coverage as fairly and objectively as possible, bias can be detected in the editorial pages of any newspaper, and the Review is no exception.

Having a print venue for the open expression of opinions is critical in fostering a robust dialogue about current events. We hope that the name change will clear up any misconceptions as to the section’s content.