Letter: Student Senator Resigns

Savitri Sedlacek

Dear Senators,

As you may already know, I have decided to resign from Student Senate. It has been a pleasure to work with the student government and the Oberlin administration in different capacities over the past two years.

In my final year at Oberlin I hope to focus my attention on establishing the Student Communication Hub, and making it a real and vital part of student life on campus. I believe by using my skills and energy in this manner, I will be able to help the campus in a more meaningful way than I have been able to while serving as a Student Senator. While serving on student government has been filled with moments of both frustration and accomplishment, I hope that as Senate moves forward we will continue to experience more and more of the latter.

This past semester I have been incredibly impressed with how hard many Student Senators have worked to make Senate a better and more vital body on campus. I hope that the momentum that has been achieved in the last few months does not falter with the sometimes disproportionate amount of attention paid to power dynamics and petty details.

I hope to continue to work with many of you in the future in new and different contexts and hope that all senatorial endeavors continue to go as well as they have this past semester. I would also like to thank all of you who I have worked with, particularly Dean Gates, Dean Kawaguchi and other members of the administration who have provided me with invaluable guidance and assistance.

It is exciting to see how relevant Student Senate has become in my past three years at Oberlin, and anticipate a continuation of innovative ideas brought to Wilder 215 on Sundays.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me. My best wishes to all of you.

Sincerely, Savitri Sedlacek