Letter to the Editors: Community Requests Support for Public Library

Ray English

To the Editors:

We write to ask all members of the Oberlin community to support the Oberlin Public Library by voting for Issue 22 on Tuesday, May 3. If passed, Issue 22 will replace the library’s current operating levy, which generates over half of its regular income.

The Oberlin Public Library and the Bridge are heavily used by all segments of our community. The library serves a wide variety of needs, including education, career resources, entertainment, current information and community meeting space. The Bridge, a department of the library, provides computers, Internet service and training for those who lack access to such resources.

The Oberlin Public Library is one of Oberlin’s treasures. It benefits us all and helps keep Oberlin strong. It is a wonderful example of the value that America’s public libraries have for the communities they serve.

Please join us in supporting Issue 22, the Oberlin Public Library replacement levy. It’s the only issue on the May 3 ballot, so please be sure to vote.

–Ray English, Director of Libraries

–Meredith Gadsby, associate professor of African American Studies

–Nicholas Jones, professor of English

–Gary Kornblith, professor of History

–Marta Laskowski, associate professor of Biology

–Carol Lasser, professor of History