Feature Photo: Piscapo’s Arm Performs

Jeremy Reynolds, Arts Editor

Piscapo’s Arm, Oberlin’s only sketch comedy group, gave an exciting performance this Sunday in the Cat in the Cream. The members pictured here — College first-year Emma Howe (left), College junior Willa Rubin, College first-year Liam McLean and College first-year Rebecca Primoff — presented a hu- morous skit titled “Slow Train Hipsters” written by troupe member and College junior Jackie Milestone.

Co-founders Keith Friedlander and Jeff Harvey, both OC ’01, created the original script for the show as a Winter Term project in January of 1998 and assembled the first cast in the fall of 1999. In addition to the members mentioned above, this year’s troupe includes double-degree fifth-year Anasuya Shek- har, College seniors Anna Menta and Erik Larson, College junior Olivia Harris and College sophomores Emma Eisendrath and Rachel Sacks.