Feature Photo: Capoeira Angola Retreat

Vida Weisblum, Arts Editor

Participants engage in Capoeira Angola games during a workshop last weekend at a “roda” in South Studios. South and Lord-Saunders residencies cohosted a three-day-long retreat centering on the Afro-Brazilian art form, Capoeira, complete with educational workshops, games, training sessions and group discussions. The public event, organized by Oberlin Capoeira Angola, garnered past and present Capoeira students to engage with the dance and cultural elements of the practice. According to the OCA website, Capoeira “draws elements from dance, fight, ritual and musical performance” and is both a means of self-defense and entertainment. Artist-in-residence Adenike Sharpley first introduced Capoeira Angola to the Oberlin community along with Eric “Chicago” Murray, OC ’92. The tradition remains vibrant due to the efforts of Assistant Professor of Theater Justin Emeka and the OCA.