Student Senate Update: Nov. 24

Emma Snape, Secretary of Student Senate

This week, Student Senate is proud to announce that we stand with the students of The City College of New York as they fight for their rights as students, including their right to retain the Guillermo Morales/Assata Shakur Student and Community Center as a campus resource. We join numerous other student groups, both on our campus and on many others across the nation, in condemning the actions of the administration and supporting the students in their protest. For the full text of our formal letter of support, check out the Student Senate website. The rest of last Sunday’s Senate plenary meeting was also very productive; the meeting included the appointment of new members to the Library, Admissions and Winter Term committees and the tentative scheduling of further venues for students to interact with Oberlin’s trustees. There was positive discussion concerning the proposed Undocumented Students Fund, collaboration with the Office of Disability Services and the upcoming referenda on the Student Finance Committee and Senate, which concern pay and related matters. As always, there will be another Senate Plenary Session this coming Sunday from 7–9:30 p.m. in Wilder 215, and all students are invited to attend.