Senate Adds to Tobacco Ban Article

Student Senate

To the Editors:

Student Senate would like to take the opportunity to correct a few inaccuracies in the recent Review article (“Campus Divided over To- bacco Ban,” The Oberlin Review, Nov. 1, 2013). The piece implies that the ban is an initiative that Senate, as a whole, has endorsed (“…the main reason the Senate wants [the tobacco ban] to happen…”). For clarification, the Student Senate will not take an official stance on the potential ban until the issue is brought up for a vote this spring. Senator and College sophomore Machmud Makhmudov’s statements, as referenced in the Review’s article, reflect his own opinion and not the opinion of Student Senate as a whole. The misunderstanding in the article occurred as a result of Senator Makhmudov using the word “we,” which he intended to mean the tobacco sub-committee that he is a part of and not the Student Senate.

Until the aforementioned vote occurs, we implore students and faculty alike to voice their opinions on the potential ban. Senate plans to host more open forums in the future and we welcome all students to come and discuss their opinions with us at our weekly plenary session, which takes place every Sunday at 7 p.m. in Wilder 215.

–Oberlin College Student Senate