Feature Photo: Green Rush Hits Oberlin

Oliver Bok, Editor in Chief

ResponsibleOhio spokesperson Michael McGovern speaks with Oberlin residents as part of the Green Rush Bus Tour to garner support for Issue 3, the ballot initiative that would legalize marijuana in Ohio and grant a handful of companies control over growing the substance in the state. Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 3.

“We’re taking this thing to all the counties and about 25 to 30 college campuses to spread awareness about Issue 3, and talk to people,” McGovern said. “I know we were really focused on getting students registered to vote the last couple weeks, and now it’s [time to] get out the vote.”

ResponsibleOhio has garnered criticism from those who oppose the group’s push for a state-granted monopoly in growing marijuana. To McGovern, however, the monopoly is the best way to safely regulate the substance and keep the state in compliance with the federal government. McGovern added that in his opinion, anyone who opposes the monopoly but supports marijuana legalization in general should vote yes on Issue 3.

“Even if you don’t like some piece of this, isn’t it better to start somewhere? Get it legal, stop arresting people, get it in the hands of sick people, and then if we need to, go back and tweak it and stuff. It’s better to tweak a system then to say, ‘nah, forget it’ and start from scratch.”

If Issue 3 passes, ResponsibleOhio plans to open a testing facility in Oberlin.