Feature Photo: Wedding Band

Louise Edwards, Arts editor

In Alice Childress’ Wedding Band, set in 1918 during World War I, College sophomore Chandler Browne plays Julia Augustine, a Black woman who has recently moved to a South Carolinian neighborhood with Herman, her white, German significant other, played by College junior Shane Lonergan. Their landlady, Fanny, played by College junior Tiffany Ames, looks on, while Julia’s new neighbors Lula and Mattie, played by College sophomores Deja Alexander and Daniella Pruitt, respectively, discuss her interracial relationship. An influenza outbreak overtakes the community, and Herman catches the flu, forcing him to reveal his relationship with Julia to his ignorant family, further increasing the already palpable tension. The play, directed by Assistant Professor of Theater and Africana Studies Justin Emeka and performed last weekend, deals with themes of prejudice, dignity and race relations. The actors’ performances were impressive, especially the gospel singing showcased by the community of Black women.