Feature Photo: ‘Goodnight, Tyler’

Louise Edwards, Arts Editor

College senior Axandre Oge, who plays the title character in College senior B.J. Tindal’s play Goodnight, Tyler, rests on a couch. The play, performed Jan. 30 to Feb. 2, tells the story of a young Black man, Tyler Evans, who was murdered by a police officer. Tyler’s ghost haunts Davis, Tyler’s white best friend, as details of Tyler’s murder are revealed throughout the play and his friends and family grieve. Tindal created tension between how Tyler was perceived during his life and how he is remembered after death — a symbol of police brutality around which protestors rally. The nuanced relationships between characters provide social critique and highlight the complexity of identity politics. Though Tindal’s play dealt with emotional topics, Fannie, Tyler’s grandmother (College junior Amara Granderson), delivered quips that provided witty comic relief. The audience received the play well, giving a standing ovation on opening night.