Feature Photo: Quidditch

Randy Ollie, Sports Editor

Oberlin’s first home tournament — aptly titled Ch. 33: Fight and Flight — includ­ed games against Ashland University, West Virginia University, Case Western Reserve University and Carnegie Mellon University this past weekend. Oberlin finished the tournament 0–4, while Carnegie Mellon University posted a per­fect 4–0, making them the undisputed champions. While Carnegie Mellon was the overall tournament winner, Oberlin finished the competition with the high­est number of snitch catches. Oberlin’s 2015–2016 roster consists of a steady lineup of 25 players, with an additional 35 who rotate between practices and tournaments. The team played ’90s and early 2000s throwback music between and after matches; reportedly, West Virginia University had prepared a mean dance number to a Backstreet Boys song. Oberlin will play its next tournament April 15, when they travel to West Virginia University to shoot qauaffles, dodge bludgers and catch the golden snitch in the Back Broom Brawl Tournament.