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Michele Norris, nationally acclaimed journalist.

Off the Cuff: Michele Norris, Author and Former NPR Host

September 16, 2016

Michele Norris is an Emmy and Peabody Award-winning journalist who spent nine years as the host of All Things Considered, NPR’s longest-running program. After graduating from the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, Norris began working as a print journalist at the Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post. Norris then accepted a job at ABC News, where she worked for 10 years. Norris was NPR’s first African-American female host, and was awarded Journalist of the Year by...

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Off the Cuff: Brett Walker, Montana State University History Professor

September 9, 2016

Brett Walker is a Regents Professor of History at Montana State University with expertise in Japanese health and medicine and its environmental history. After graduating from the College of Idaho in 1989, Walker spent several years traveling and studying Japan before earning his doctorate in Japanese History from the University of Oregon. Walker has written books on a number of topics in Japan such as the indigenous Ainu people, the disappearance of Japanese wolves in the last century and the hi...

Megan Doherty, Jewish Campus Life Affiliate

Off the Cuff: Megan Doherty, New Jewish Campus Life Affiliate

September 2, 2016

Rabbi Megan Doherty is beginning her first semester as Oberlin’s Jewish Campus Life Affiliate. The position involves reaching out to Jewish students to help them connect with the Jewish community, as well as making sure the community is welcoming to all. Doherty spent four years (2010–2014) as the senior Jewish fellow and associate rabbi at the Slifka Center for Jewish Life at Yale University, and has most recently spent two years as a rabbi in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. Doherty graduated from Eve...

Charles “Chip” Hauss, OC ’69, came to campus Thursday to deliver a talk titled “Ending the ‘Permanent War’: Peacebulding through Human Security.” He is the author of Security 2.0: Dealing with Global Wicked Problems.

Off the Cuff: Charles “Chip” Hauss, OC ’69, Peacebuilder, Author

May 6, 2016

Charles “Chip” Hauss, OC ’69, is Senior Fellow for Innovation at Alliance for Peacebuilding, a membership organization of about 110 peacebuilding groups. He is also the author of Security 2.0: Dealing with Global Wicked Problems, which addresses the changing nature and increasing multidimensionality of international security concerns. Hauss came to campus Thursday to give a talk, “Ending the ‘Permanent War’: Peacebuilding through Human Security.” Traditionally, security has been discuss...

Off the Cuff: Miriam Zoila Pérez, Radical Doula, Activist, Blogger

April 29, 2016

Miriam Zoila Pérez is a queer Cuban-American doula, reproductive rights activist and blogger. In 2007, she founded the Radical Doula blog, which unites doula work with birth activism and social justice. Pérez wrote and self-published Radical Doula Guide: A Political Primer for Full-Spectrum Pregnancy and Childbirth Support, which has sold more than 2,000 copies. She came to campus to host the “Radical Doulas + Reproductive Justice” talk and workshop on Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively. Wha...

Jeffrey Wasserstrom is Chancellor’s Professor of History at UC Irvine who specializes in modern Chinese history. He visited Oberlin to give a talk on the Boxer Crisis of 1900.

Off the Cuff: Jeffrey Wasserstrom, Professor, Author, Historian

April 24, 2016

Jeffrey Wasserstrom is Chancellor’s Professor of History at UC Irvine. He has authored four books, including China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know, and frequently contributes to newspapers and magazines. He is currently finishing a book on the Boxer Uprising of 1900. This week, Wasserstrom came to campus to research Oberlin’s Memorial Arch on Tappan Square, and yesterday gave the lecture “China and the Ghosts of 1900 — The Brutal Boxer Rising and the Civilized World’s Sa...

Joshua Pribanic is an investigative journalist and documentary filmmaker. His first documentary, Triple Divide, covers fracking in Pennsylvania.

Off the Cuff: Joshua Pribanic, Journalist and Filmmaker

April 22, 2016

Joshua B. Pribanic is a photographer, investigative journalist, artist and filmmaker. He co-founded the Public Herald, an investigative journalism nonprofit, and co-directed the documentary Triple Divide. The film, which was screened last Wednesday as part of the Ecolympics series, covers the water contamination and health effects rural Pennsylvanians face as a result of fracking. Pribanic is currently the editor-in-chief of the Public Herald in Pittsburgh, PA. His work in investigative journali...

James C. Dobbins is a professor of Religion and East Asian Studies at Oberlin. He recently edited Selected Works of D.T. Suzuki, Volume II: Pure Land.

Off the Cuff: James Dobbins, Author, Professor, Translator

April 8, 2016

James C. Dobbins is a Fairchild Professor of Religion and East Asian Studies at the College. He has studied Daisetsu Teitaro Suzuki who wrote about the pure land Buddhist tradition. Dobbins’ talk, "D. T. Suzuki and the Rise of American Buddhism”, addressed Suzuki’s life and controversies that arose around his modern approach to Buddhism. The Review sat down with Dobbins to discuss his study of Suzuki, Pure Land Buddhism, and his new book: Selected Works of D.T. Suzuki, Volume II: Pure Land. ...

Gary Shteyngart, OC ’95, who recently published his first memoir, Little Failure.

Off the Cuff: Gary Shteyngart, OC ‘95, Author and Professor

April 1, 2016

Gary Shteyngart, OC ’95, has written several novels and recently published his first memoir, Little Failure. His novels include works such as The Russian Debutante’s Handbook, Absurdistan and Super Sad True Love Story. Shteyngart previously taught writing at Hunter College and now teaches at Columbia University. He is a Jewish Russian-American immigrant, an experience that often comes through in his novels, and was born in what is now St. Petersburg, Russia. Shteyngart has been awarded the Stephen...

Gökçe Günel, author of Spaceship in the Desert: Energy, Climate Change, and Green Business in Abu Dhabi.

Off the Cuff: Gökçe Günel, Anthropologist, Lecturer, Author

March 11, 2016

Gökçe Günel, Ph.D., is an Anthropology lecturer at Columbia University. Her articles have been published in Ephemera, Anthropology News, Public Culture, The Yearbook of Comparative Literature, the ARPA Journal, Avery Review, and PoLAR. She has written about climate change and sustainability and focuses on the renewable energy and clean technology infrastructures in the United Arab Emirates, where Masdar City — meant to be completely sustainable — is being built. Günel spoke on her manuscript...

Jim Collins, professor of film, television and theatre and concurrent professor of English at the University of Notre Dame, spoke Thursday at Oberlin.

Off the Cuff: Jim Collins, Professor of English, Film, TV, Theatre

March 4, 2016

Jim Collins is acting dean for the arts, a professor of film, television and theatre and concurrent professor of English at the University of Notre Dame, where he teaches courses on postmodernism, media theory and digital culture. He is the author of Uncommon Cultures: Popular Culture and Postmodernism, Architecture of Excess: Cultural Life in the Information Age and most recently Bring on the Books for Everybody: How Literary Culture Became Popular Culture. His next book in progress is called Pl...

Elizabeth Kolbert, journalist for The New Yorker and previous stringer for The New York Times, will speak at Oberlin March 2 in Finney Chapel.

Off the Cuff: Elizabeth Kolbert, Journalist, Author, Activist

February 26, 2016

Elizabeth Kolbert began working for The New York Times as a stringer in 1983 and has written for The New Yorker for 15 years. For her work on global warming and climate change, she traveled to Alaska and Greenland to better understand the debate over global warming. Field Notes from a Catastrophe: Man, Nature, and Climate Change, which grew out of a three part series in The New Yorker, won the 2006 National Magazine Award in the Public Interest category. The Review sat down with Kolbert...

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