Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Campus Group Urges Student Involvement

Oberlin Students for a Free Palestine September 13, 2013

To the Editors: Students for a Free Palestine welcomes Oberlin’s student body back to campus. We hope you all had wonderful summers! As we all dive into the new learning and commitments that the...

Multilingualism Normal in Rapidly Changing World

Sean Para, Columnist September 13, 2013

This summer, I spent a week staying with a friend in São Paolo, Brazil. There I noticed a linguistic situation far different than those I had previously encountered. My friend, his family and most everyone...

Debate Over U.S. Involvement in Syria Bears Consequences for Thousands of Refugees

Sam White September 13, 2013

When the United States speaks, the world listens. Despite the heated global rhetoric, this is undeniable: President Obama’s threat of military action in Syria — and his subsequent request that the...

Evidence of Assad’s Involvement Lacking

Yagiz Harun, Contributing Writer September 13, 2013

On Aug. 21, President Assad’s forces supposedly used sarin gas on civilians. British Prime Minister David Cameron jumped at the chance to propose an attack on Syria. Using the G-20 Summit as a platform...

Military Intervention in Syria Problematic

Sam White, Contributing Writer September 6, 2013

With Congress set to vote this Monday on a resolution that would authorize limited military action in Syria, the United States finds itself yet again on the brink of a bloody, costly and entirely avoidable...

Summer Party Anthem “Blurred Lines” Bores

Libby Salemi, Columnist September 6, 2013

A couple of months ago, a friend offered me a ride home from work and immediately put on a song she’d been dying to show me. She’s a couple years younger than our coworkers and I, so when she finds...

An Unlikely Indian-Pakistani Alliance Forms

Saksham Khosla, Contributing Writer September 6, 2013

Media coverage on Syria over the past few weeks has been decidedly Western-centric, focusing on the roles of the U.S. and Russia and the implications of their involvement in the conflict. According to...

Kiss My Sass: Experiencing Oberlin Culture Shock

Sophia Ottoni-Wilhelm, Opinions Editor September 6, 2013

Sitting in the Qatar airport on my way home from Nepal last week, I was thinking about culture shock. After spending three and a half months in the poorest country in Southwest Asia, I knew that returning...

“Hoax” Declaration Mischaracterizes Bias Incidents, Stifles Productive Dialogue

The Editorial Board September 6, 2013

The College aired its dirty laundry to the nation last semester when media outlets swarmed campus to report on the rash of bigoted graffiti cropping up in academic and residential buildings. The coverage...

Artistic Escape Proves Essential to Survival

Julia Hubay, Arts Editor September 6, 2013

Living in Oberlin, we are uniquely privileged to be part of a community that claims to value the arts and supports that statement with funding — a rare thing in small-town Ohio. But as much as the arts...

Students Should Participate in Local Gun Control Debate

Sharon Fairchild-Soucy September 6, 2013

To the Editors: As Oberlin’s Vice President of City Council, it’s a pleasure to welcome first- years and upperclassmen back to the campus and town. Your Day of Service does much to build bridges...

Use of Chemical Weapons Requires U.S. Action

Sean Para, Columnist September 6, 2013

The question of a limited American military intervention has come to the forefront of American politics in the past week. Lawmakers have been split, not along the traditional party lines, but into the...

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