Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Established 1874.

The Oberlin Review

Conservative Contingent: Economy Stifles Hope for Obama 2012

Andrew Lipian October 14, 2011

The wave of hope that Barack Obama surfed upon to sweep the country in an ideological stupor in 2008 has now vanished, and its once mighty tides of “change we can believe in” are rendered to stagnant...

The Conservative Contingent: Get Government Out Of Education, Mail Delivery

Andrew Lipian, Nick Miller, and Ben Schild October 7, 2011

There are quite a few new “rights” that have been asserted recently in the *Review(: most notably, the “right” to an education and, more laughably, the “right” to have your letters carried...

Local Charter Schools Fail to Make the Grade

Will Rubenstein, Opinions Editor October 7, 2011

I used to think it was just me, but education reform seems to have become Oberlin’s go-to topic of political dialogue over the last year or so. Maybe this has something to do with the overwhelming Democratic...

Editorial: Oberlin Journalism Lacks Academic Support

The Editorial Board October 7, 2011

The assertion in this week’s Diatribe that the Diatribe itself represents a “tasteless ornament to [this] publication’s already insubstantial content” leaves us feeling somewhat conflicted. While...

The Conservative Contingent: 9/11 Memorial Vandalism and the Oberlin Bubble

Andrew Lipian, Nick Miller, and Ben Schild September 30, 2011

As a member of the military, serving in the Air National Guard, I have friends who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. They signed on to make a difference in the world, much like we did when we entered...

“It Takes Balls to Execute an Innocent Man”

The Editorial Board September 23, 2011

On September 21, the state of Georgia executed Troy Anthony Davis for the murder of Savannah police officer Mark MacPhail. Davis’s story attracted worldwide scrutiny when the prosecution’s case against...

Wall Street Occupied, Media Uninterested

Will Rubenstein, Opinions Editor September 23, 2011

In case you missed it, thousands of demonstrators launched coordinated protest rallies at Wall Street and other financial centers in cities around the globe on September 17. Claiming inspiration from both...

Sour Memories of 9/11

The Editorial Board September 16, 2011

Last Sunday, on the 10th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, New York Timescolumnist Paul Krugman decided to remember the occasion on his blog in a way that, shall we say, turned a few...

Questions For Adrian Fenty

Will Rubenstein, Opinions Editor September 16, 2011

Tuesday’s convocation by former D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty, OC ’92, is covered elsewhere in this paper. Along with his lecture in Finney Chapel, the illustrious speaker took audience questions and spent...

Letter to the Editors: Graduation Move Could Hinder Participation

Tom Locke May 13, 2011

To the Editors: It is with great dismay that I have learned that Oberlin College is considering moving its future graduation ceremonies to the Sunday before Memorial Day. In my opinion, as an Oberlin...

Editorial: Oberlin’s Favorite Super Senior

The Editorial Board May 13, 2011

When this year’s graduating class were first-years four years ago, we entered college alongside another first-year of sorts — when Marvin Krislov began as Oberlin’s 14th president in July of 2007,...

Op-Ed: Riding the Regression Train of Austerity

Ben Master May 13, 2011

Republican solutions for the deficit, manifested most clearly in Paul Ryan’s 2012 budget proposal, threaten to fray the entire American social fabric. By this point, we know how attacks on public sector...

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