2013 Alumni Class Officers

Kira McGirr

To the Editors:

Results have been tabulated from the election for the class of 2013 alumni class officers.  Dana Paikowsky has been elected president, and Eloise Reid has been elected vice president.

For your information, the alumni class president is a member of the Alumni Council and returns to campus each fall for its weekend-long meeting.  Each year, after the Alumni Council meeting, the class president writes a letter to members of the class reporting on Oberlin and on alumni activities and programs. The vice president is the person to whom the president turns when he or she is unable to attend the Alumni Council meeting or write the annual letter. If for any reason the president is unable to carry out his or her responsibilities, the vice president assumes that office.

Dana and Eloise will serve a five-year term until the class celebrates its first reunion in May 2017.  Both officers are responsible for planning the cluster reunion activities with officers of the other two classes (2011 and 2012) and the Alumni Office staff.

Congratulations to Dana and Eloise!

Kira McGirr

Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
Oberlin Alumni Association