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Cool or Drool: Cam Newton

Dan Bisno, Columnist

February 12, 2016

Coming off of a career-low quarterback-passer rating in the 2014 season, Cam Newton did not look ready for the big stage. Bandwagon jumpers might have had more fun following the Seattle Seahawks and young quarterback Russell Wilson’s thrilling relationship with R&B singer Ciara than root for Newton’s 7–8–1 Carolina Panthers. Nobody denied that Newton was an athletic anomaly, having won numerous accolades early in his career, such as 2011 NFL Rookie of the Year and the 2011 Heisman Trophy award, but his brand was starting to lose its appeal with the team’s lack of success. In 2015, that all changed. Newton recorded a career-high quarterback rating, threw for over 4,000 yards, rushed for over 700 yards,...

Debunking Superfood

Isabel Hulkower, Columnist

February 5, 2016

Nutritional advice is a dime a dozen in our current landscape of dietary confusion. Conflicting fads and misinformation urge consumers every which way, recommending everything from all-smoothie diets to paleo-style meat-centricity. However, many pro­grams converge on a single topic: superfood. Superfoods have become extremely pop­ular in recent years, and their clout has in­spired thousands of blog posts and product reconfigurations. Kale, wild salmon, açaí ber­ries, avocados and green tea are a few nota­ble superfoods that most people are familiar with. But what exactly is a superfood? Call­ing something a superfood implies that it is nutritionally dense, beneficial to health and presumably sparse in calories....

Cool or Drool: NBA Rookie Begins Reckless Rampage

Dan Bisno, Columnist

December 11, 2015

The NBA season is finally in high gear, and it only took six weeks for a rookie to make a fool of himself. It’s always a waiting game after the NBA draft: Which soon-to-be rich 19-year-old draftee is going to show the world that, despite having a pro­fessional career, he acts his age? The third pick from the 2015 NBA draft to the Philadelphia 76ers Jahlil Oka­for answered that call. After an explosive start to the season — averaging nearly 17 points and eight rebounds per game — it would be unfair to expect Okafor to tuck himself into bed before cur­few and stick to mineral water. In fact, Okafor reportedly attempted to purchase alcoholic beverages with a fake ID at a bar, appropriately named Misconduct Tavern,...

Finals Success Hinges on Healthy Lifestyle

Isabel Hulkower, Columnist

December 4, 2015

News flash, Oberlin! Finals are coming faster than you can say “December breakdown.” No matter how prepared you think you are for the impending storm of academia, this time of year is still extremely stressful, so now is a great time to engage in some necessary self-care to help ease your perilous journey toward winter break. Here are some chill practices, both basic and more obscure, for increasing focus, calming the mind and maybe even improving academic performance. The most tried-and-true way to do your best work is to get enough sleep. Though this seems obvious, it still bears mentioning because sleep deprivation has a Pandora’s box of negative side effects. Loss of sleep impairs attention, concentration,...

Rousey’s Sudden Fall From Grace

Dan Bisno, Columnist

November 20, 2015

“She’s the type of fighter that [will] ... get me frustrated to the point that I’ll make a mistake, and she’ll try to kick me in the head. But it’s not going to go like that,” Ronda Rousey told Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show on Oct. 7 in anticipa­tion of her upcoming fight with Holly Holm. As fate would have it, 59 seconds into the second round at Ultimate Fighting Championship 193 this past Saturday, Holm’s foot connected with Rousey’s head for a knockout, the first of Rousey’s career. What happened to Rousey? One month ago, fans were calling her the Greatest Of All Time, or “GOAT,” of mixed martial arts. Her 12–0 record seemed untouchable, and after five years on the job she had already ...

The Best of the Bars: A Beginner’s Guide

Isabel Hulkower, Columnist

November 13, 2015

Like your advisor who you’ve never met and are desperately trying to seek out in the half hour before your registration time, protein can be as elusive as it is important. Protein is an undisputed necessity for energy and daily functioning and should be in absolutely every meal you eat. The constant need for protein can actually become a little oppressive, as the athletes among us may inform you. Becoming aware of this dietary requirement can transform it into a quest of sorts, forcing you to perpetually seek protein-rich foods in order to stay mentally and physically sharp. On this campus, we are blessed with a charming little institution called DeCafé that provides numerous options for a protein fix if you’re...

Farewell, Grantland, You’ll be Missed

Dan Bisno, Columnist

November 6, 2015

There are an exorbitant number of publica­tions and media platforms available to the 21st-century sports fan who wishes to follow the current events of the sports world. While media sources like ESPN and Sports Illustrated dominate the scene, sports journalism has grown so vast that each fan must find their niche — writers they like, publications they follow — in order to remain grounded in the flurry of articles published follow­ing every sporting event. Sports and pop-culture blog Grantland was one that stood apart. Grantland represented the highest echelon of sports journalism. Known for its lengthy articles, extensive use of sports analytics and unconven­tional statistics, it lured readers in with its uniq...

Stop Skimping on Skin Care

Isabel Hulkower, Columnist

October 30, 2015

Aging is an extremely daunting idea from almost any angle, and just one scoop of the inevitable sundae of adulthood is the prospect of fading skin. Though it seems trifling, treating your skin right is extremely important for maintaining a healthy complexion. Many Oberlin students take part in basically all of the activities that prematurely deteriorate your face: stress, sun exposure, lack of sleep, smoking and alcohol use. That, coupled with tender nonchalance, is a recipe for unhealthy skin. But none of this is novel. The beauty industry has done an incredible job of instilling a pervasive fear of aging while simultaneously hawking hundreds of expensive products claiming to halt or even reverse that process. Skin...

Cool or Drool: Durant, Smith Square Off in Exaggerated Feud

Dan Bisno, Columnist

October 9, 2015

National sports nowadays are 80 percent reality TV show and 20 percent actual sports game. With the endless sports commentary shows, Twitter feuds and general gossip, many sports fans have become more enamored with the players’ personal lives than with their game performance. Amid all this excitement, sports stars are under more media scrutiny than ever before. Rarely are players described as any­thing other than victims of the scandal­izing media, consistently ripped apart by the ruthless mass of camera-toting individuals known as sports reporters. This brings us to the most recent NBA media feud: Kevin Durant versus Stephen A. Smith. For those of you who don’t know, Durant is the star small forward for the...

Manning Should Set Sights on Graceful Exit

Dan Bisno, Columnist

September 25, 2015

Deflategate remains a popular news story giv­en the NFL’s recent announcement that they will appeal the reversal of Tom Brady’s suspension by the district court. While this has yet to develop, Brady’s name creates an interesting segue into this week’s topic: the decline of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning. As many of you know, Brady and Manning are, almost inargu­ably, the most successful quarterbacks of their generation. They are the guys that get thrown in the GOAT conversation with Joe Montana, Dan Marino, John Elway, Brett Favre, etc. — perhaps because they’re all hardy and covered with hair, but most likely because they are the “greatest of all time.” So what’s up with Manning? First...

Stevie Satisfies Appetites, Treats Ailments

Isabel Hulkower, Columnist

September 18, 2015

Hello Oberlin, and welcome to a fresh new school year chock-full of delight and intrigue. We are currently in the ephemeral time where classes have started but it’s not yet so cold that the only option is “Netflix and chill.” Now is the moment to soak up some sunlight, swim in the Arboretum or maybe even toss some sort of disc if that’s your area of expertise. However, with all this excitement, you might have forgotten about the inherent dangers of all this phys­ical activity. Rest assured, friends, it’s still on my mind. So, in the spirit of “doing it yourself,” I’ve compiled some dorm-room remedies to common outdoor ailments. And for maximum accessibility, every treatment can be made exclusively from...

Cool or Drool: NFL Offseason Goofs

Dan Bisno, Columnist

September 11, 2015

It’s been a little over seven months since Super Bowl XLIX. America’s most watched sport has been on hiatus and, as always, the offseason has been filled with some of the juiciest sports stories of the year, centered around a variety of players. What were these guys thinking? Did they forget that their actions are microanalyzed, maybe more than actors, actresses and musicians? Or maybe they wanted the spotlight. Let’s go over how this works. “Cool or Drool” is a column I traditionally write with fellow junior Henry Weissberg. While he studies abroad in Chile spending an insurmountable amount of time study­ing statistics for fantasy football, I will continue “Cool or Drool” this semester. In a nutshell,...

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