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Sanders Walks Away from Game: Cool or Drool?

Dan Bisno and Henry Weissberg

March 6, 2015

Welcome to this week’s edition of “Cool or Drool?” We are your one-stop shop for biased opinions on off-the-field sports stories. It’s been an eventful season for the Milwaukee Bucks. Losing the second overall draft pick, Jabari Parker, to a torn ACL devastated fans who had high hopes for the young prospect. Players like Giannis Antetokounmpo and Brandon Knight stepped up for the Bucks and put up great numbers before the All-Star break. Then, in a move that surprised almost everyone, the Bucks dealt away Knight in a three-way trade, in which they acquired Michael Carter- Williams from the Philadelphia 76ers and Tyler Ennis and Miles Plumlee from the Phoenix Suns. The move, while promising, adds elements of unc...

The Power of the Sweet Potato

Isabel Hulkower, Columnist

February 27, 2015

Welcome to the hottest new column in the sports section. I have a degree from Internet University in health fads with a minor in home remedies, and I want to put my hard-earned knowledge to use to provide some commentary on all the big and little issues affecting student health. Of course, it’s important to mention that the concept of “health” is personal, relative, and completely culturally determined. Standards of what is healthy change all the time, and many things are unnecessarily pathologized or go unacknowledged by the medical community. Basically, all mass medical advice is pretty suspect, and this column aims to remind everyone that there isn’t any one proper conceptualization of health. Now let’s move on...

Definitive Biases: Budding NBA Stars Enter Primetime

Dan Bisno and Henry Weissberg

February 20, 2015

Welcome back, sports fanatics. It’s been quite a week in the NBA universe. Last Friday Mo’ne Davis, the 13-year-old Little League pitching phenom, gave Kevin Hart the “spin cycle” in the All Star Celebrity Game. On Saturday, Zach LaVine soared head-to-rim to win the Slam Dunk Contest, and Steph Curry proved that he is the preeminent splash brother in the Three-Point Contest. On Sunday, Russell Westbrook showed he’s more than an eyeglasses model and took home his first All Star MVP award. Now that the confetti has fallen on the season’s halfway point, it’s time to leave the fanfare and return to critical, biased sports analysis. After all, we are merely two subjects painstakingly pretending that we do not make ...

Cool or Drool: NFL vs. Marshawn Lynch

Dan Bisno and Henry Weissberg

February 6, 2015

Injury update: Dan Bisno — sophomore, torn labrum. Henry Weissberg — sophomore, torn ACL. We are your sports-injured sports columnists. With only tender memories of fields and hard courts, we turn to pen and paper. Our focus is those off-the-field moments that balance playful antics and near-catastrophes. When does a publicity stunt turn into a potential lawsuit? More importantly, do we think these moments are cool or drool? You might remember Marshawn Lynch, the 215-pound Seattle Seahawks running back, for the 2011 game that earned him the moniker “Beast Mode.” In an upset victory over the New Orleans Saints, Lynch broke nine tackles en route to a 67-yard touchdown scamper; the vibrations from the fans’...

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