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Op-Ed: Intro Science Courses Require Revision

Chip Williams
May 13, 2013
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Imagine that a group of people have taken it upon themselves to design the curriculum of a new liberal arts college. These people are totally ignorant of the course offerings and distribution requirements in effect at existing liberal arts colleges, but they have access to what such schools say about...

Ninde Scholars Program Continues Summer Enrichment

Matan Zeimer
May 10, 2013
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The Ninde Scholars Program, which was founded in 2003, is a partnership among Oberlin College, the Oberlin City Schools and the Lorain County Urban League. The program aims primarily to provide college preparation services to students from underrepresented communities, low-income backgrounds and those...

Student Proposals Presented: Moving Forward

Madeline Stocker, Staff Writer
May 10, 2013
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After the formal presentation of student proposals that took place April 28, a question and answer section followed in which members of the audience had a chance to voice questions and concerns to the members of each working group. Although most of the information regarding the proposals themselves had...

Yeomen Poised for First Playoff Appearance in History

Taylor Swift
May 10, 2013
Filed under Baseball, SPORTS, Varsity Spring

The Yeomen sealed a clutch victory against Wittenberg University last Sunday to capture their first ever appearance in the North Coast Athletic Conference Tournament in program history. Splitting wins with the Tigers in their double-header Saturday, the Yeomen came back on fire and ready to play Sunday,...

Photorealist Creates Beauty for Victims

Willa Rubin
May 10, 2013
Filed under ARTS, Visual Art

Audrey Flack, an artist highly regarded for her pioneering work as a photorealist in the 1960s and 1970s, gave a lecture at the Allen Memorial Art Museum last Thursday. Flack’s work uniquely stands out because of her technical virtuosity as a painter, depicting images that appear so tangible they could...

Stop Resisting Change

Sean Para, Columnist
May 10, 2013
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People should stop resisting the healthcare law and other reforms. State governments around the nation have consistently opposed implementing the new law. States such as Oklahoma, Mississippi, Florida and Louisiana have either created opposition to the bill in their courts or declined to set up the mandatory...

Derby Drinking

Maxwell Sugarman, Sports Editor
May 10, 2013
Filed under SPORTS, Sports Editorials & Features

The Kentucky Derby is an American institution. The race has been run on the first weekend of May for the past 139 years, and while the athletic elements of the race are important — who doesn’t want to see a tiny person in a brightly colored shirt ride around on horseback — the “most exciting...

Sexual Offense Policy Task Force Lays Out Guidelines for Reforming Policy in Fall

Adiel Kaplan, Staff Writer
May 10, 2013
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The Sexual Offense Policy task Force announced plans to revise Oberlin College’s Sexual Offense Policy this fall. The announcement came at an All Campus Discussion held Wednesday at noon. This was the first mention of a timeline, however rough, for changing the college’s policy, and was part of...

Off the Cuff with Graphic Designer Emily Crawford, OC ’92

Julia Herbst, News Editor
May 10, 2013
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What kinds of graphic design are you involved with here? I am kind of in charge of the look and feel of all of the printed material that Oberlin College puts out. So the big ones would be the Alumni Magazine, obviously, the Conservatory Magazine [which] comes out once a year, … the admissions m...

Track and Field Completes Season in Style

Sarah Kahl
May 10, 2013
Filed under SPORTS, Track and Field, Varsity Spring

The men and women’s track and field team had a very successful North Coast Athletic Conference meet this past weekend. The men’s team finished in an impressive fourth place, a mere six points out of third. “Our success at conference definitely showed all the hard work we’ve put in,” said...

Support for Passage of Divestment Resolution

Melanie Malinas, Sofie Ghitman, and Simone Baron
May 10, 2013
Filed under Letters to the Editors, OPINIONS

We are a group of Jewish students at Oberlin College and Conservatory who would like to express our support for the passage of Students for a Free Palestine’s divestment resolution by Student Senate. We stand behind this divestment campaign, which allows Oberlin students, faculty, staff, alumni and...

Michael Jacobs and Justin Ruiz Compete in NCAC Invitational

Ray Williams
May 10, 2013
Filed under SPORTS

The men’s golf team traveled to Delaware, OH this Sunday to compete in the North Coast Athletic Conference Invitational. Two members of the squad were able to travel and compete, but both fell short of winning the title. The two members of the team that traveled to compete were first-year Justin...

Established 1874.