The Oberlin Review

Cyclical Intervention Leaves Syria in Tatters

Leo Hochberg, Contributing Writer

November 8, 2019

 In mid-October, President Trump announced that he would withdraw all remaining U.S. troops from Syria, citing his desire to remove the U.S. from “endless wars” in the Middle East. The announcement was met with blistering protests from both sides of the congressional aisle. The decision’s impact has been immediate and catastrophic: Turkey has taken Trump’s announcement as an invitation to invade Northern Syria; Kurdish forces — once allied with the U.S. — now face a Turkish ethnic cleansing campaign in Syria; and Russian and Syrian government forces have rushed in to fill the void. With hundreds of civilians already dead amidst the violence and a new wave of internally displaced people now racing away from the ...

Afghans Need Infrastructure

The Editorial Board

December 4, 2009

A spokesperson for the Taliban called President Obama’s plan for Afghanistan “no solution.” Meanwhile, responses from American politicians have varied since Obama announced on Tuesday night that he would send 30,000 more troops to the country. Democrats came out against the proposal, while Republicans supported it, but objected to the withdrawal timeline that Obama set out. Yet unless the international community addresses Afghanistan’s social issues, there will, indeed, be no solution. Regardless of the number of troops that go to Afghanistan, more important things must not fall through the cracks. For the cost of sending one American soldier to Afghanistan, it is possible to build 20 schools. The influence...

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