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Students serve themselves at a dialogue dinner hosted at David Dorsey’s home as part of the Barefoot Dialogue program.

Sustained Dialogue Encourages Connection

November 30, 2018

The Barefoot Dialogue program, which has been expanded this year as a presidential initiative, is an opportunity for Oberlin students to regularly meet for a meal and engage in intimate and vulnerable conversation. Dialogue sessions are entirely led by students, as student facilitators plan each session to provoke thoughtful sharings from their peers. Multifaith Chaplain and Director of the Office of Religious and Spiritual Life David Dorsey, who started Barefoot, hosted his first dialogue group...

Protestors participate in a “Nobody is Above the Law” rally in Tappan Square.

Lorain County Rising Leads Protest

November 16, 2018

Local activist group Lorain County Rising led a rapid response rally in Tappan Square on Thursday. The protest was in support of the investigation led by Robert Mueller, the former FBI agent who oversees the Justice Department’s investigation as special counsel of potential foreign interferences in the 2016 election. The protestors were part of the nationally-organized “Nobody is Above the Law” rallies prompted by President Trump’s forcing the resignation of former Attorney General Jeff ...

Khalid Taylor and Elliot Director share a conversation in the MRC.

MRC Faces Staffing Shortage

November 9, 2018

Four full-time staff members resigned from positions at the Multicultural Resource Center within the last six months. The office was once staffed by five full-time staffers. The MRC is currently run by Assistant Vice President Adrian Bautista, who is serving as the interim director, Student Life Community Coordinator Khalid Taylor, OC ’17, and LGBTQ Community Coordinator Elliot Director, who will discontinue work Nov. 30. Director, the most recent staff member to resign, submitted a resigna...

The First Church in Oberlin pictured with a sign reading “Inmigrantes y Refugiados Bienvenidos,” which translates to Immigrants and Refugees Welcome.

Sanctuary Space Established by First Church

November 2, 2018

The First Church in Oberlin United Church of Christ opened a sanctuary space for undocumented immigrants beginning mid-October. It is a space iwhere people in need of shelter who have been marked for deportation can temporarily live while they sort out the legality of their immigration status. Sanctuary spaces work by deterring Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials because places like churches are considered “sensitive locations.” Immigration agents generally avoid these sensitive locations...

John Miraldi, a judicial candidate, speaks with a community member at Community Candidates Night.

Local Candidates Meet with Oberlin Voters

October 12, 2018

Ten local candidates answered questions from community members at Community Candidate Night on Tuesday, Oct. 2. The event was organized by Oberlin’s League of Women Voters chapter, and encouraged residents to interact with candidates and learn about their platforms. Candidates for Ohio State Senate, Ohio House of Representatives, local judges, county commissioners office, and the county auditor’s office were in attendance. Republican State Senator Gayle L. Manning currently repres...

Annual Fund in Limbo Amid Staffing Changes

Anisa Curry Vietze

September 28, 2018

The Annual Fund will lose two of its senior staff this semester. With no permanent replacements selected, the Student Fundraising Assistants at the Annual Fund will make do with creative management strategies. “There was confusion at the beginning of the year about who was going to supervise us, because we didn’t quite know what was going to happen,” said student supervisor and College senior Claudia Baker. During shifts, Student Fundraising Assistants make calls to alumni to invite them to donate current-use gifts to the College. “Essentially, students are raising money for scholarships and financial aid and then again, the operating costs.” Baker said. “So students will get on the phone in the evenings ...

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