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In the Locker Room: Men’s Basketball

In the Locker Room: Men’s Basketball

November 18, 2016

This week, the Review sat down with men’s basketball senior Scott Miller and sophomore Eli Silverman-Lloyd to discuss the upcoming season, differences in playing style and team goals. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Describe the excitement for your first game of the season against The College of Wooster. Scott Miller: It’s our first conference game, and it’s also the best opponent. They’re probably our biggest rival over the past few years. They’ve ended my...

Routine Board Retreat Ends in Employee Strike

Adam Gittin, News editor

February 19, 2016

The Oberlin Student Cooperative Association’s four non-student employees are striking after a heated discussion with students about structural change. Members of Third World Co-op used the OSCA Board Retreat last Sunday at the Oberlin Public Library as an opportunity to voice their frustrations with OSCA and its employees (the non-students who work for OSCA are employees, while the students who work for OSCA are staff). Two employees were singled out by name. The students from TWC then presented a list of demands and staged a walkout back to their co-op. “A summary of the demands is as follows: that OSCA’s employees leave more decision-making room for student staff; that [student name omitted for privacy], a former TWC member, be compensated for ...

Feature Photo: The Conductor

Feature Photo: The Conductor

September 25, 2015

College senior Colin Seikel, performing under the moniker The Conductor, strums his guitar while singing a song from his new album, Blastoff. Seikel teamed up with OSlam poet and fellow College senior B.J. Tindal for a poetry and music showcase at the Cat in the Cream this past Wednesday night. Seikel, whose music is defined by his wide vocal range and radio-friendly acoustic chord progressions, kept audience members cheering with his charismatic personality. In a unique move that crossed typical ...

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