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Gibson's Bakery is the plaintiff in the lawsuit against Oberlin College and Dean of Students Meredith Raimondo and was awarded $44.2 million by a Lorain County jury this week.

Jury Rules For Gibson’s, Assigns $44 Million in Damages

June 14, 2019

Editor's note: Due to the scope of national media attention, the Review took the extraordinary step of covering the Gibson's verdict outside of normal publication dates. Because of limited staff capacity, the Review does not moderate comments during the summer, and letters to the editors in response to any article will be reviewed for publication in the fall. Please direct any questions to [email protected] The Lorain County jury overseeing the trial between Gibson’s Bakery and Ob...

Community members vote at Philips gym in the
November 2017 local election.

Oberlin Primary Election Looks to Renew Key Tax Levies

April 26, 2019

Ohio’s primary election on May 7 will decide whether the city of Oberlin will renew two pre-existing taxes — an income tax that supports the city’s general fund and a tax levy for the benefit of the public library. The five-year, 0.2 percent income tax levy supports the operating and capital improvement expenses that go toward the City’s general fund. The levy is estimated to generate $618,889 in 2019 alone and city officials predict that this number will stay consistent for years to co...

OTC: Nick Petzak, Director of Fellowships and Awards

April 5, 2019

For the 10th year in a row, Director of Fellowships and Awards Nick Petzak has led Oberlin to be recognized as a top producer of Fulbright Scholarship students. The Fulbright Program, which historically has a percentage award rate in the low 20s, sends students to over 140 countries to engage in research and teaching opportunities. Besides success with the Fulbright scholarship, the Office of Fellowships and Awards has also been highly successful helping students land awards including Truman, Goldwate...

Chrysanthemum Tran: transfeminine Vietnamese-American poet, performer, and educator

Chrysanthemum Tran, Performer, Poet, Teaching Artist

May 11, 2018

Chrysanthemum Tran is a transfeminine Vietnamese-American poet, performer, and educator. She is well-known for her role as a teaching artist for the Providence Poetry Slam youth team and becoming the first transfeminine finalist at the Women of the World Poetry Slam in 2016. Her accolades include Slam Champion at the Rustbelt Poetry Slam in 2016, FEMS Poetry Slam Champion in 2017, and Best Poet at the National College Slam in 2016. Tran is a queer POC icon and a Pink Door Fellow, and her work has...

OSlam team members connect the College and town through poetry in the cozy, intimate mid-store gazebo in Ben Franklin Monday. The setting allowed performers and audience members to sit side-by-side in a circle. The poetry reading celebrated the end of National Poetry Month, and also featured some poetry from non-OSlam members.

Ben Franklin Closes Poetry Month with OSlam Reading

May 4, 2018

Ben Franklin and MindFair Books hosted a small, intimate poetry reading featuring OSlam poets in their mid-store gazebo Monday. This wasn’t a regular performance with a large crowd and deafening applause, but more personal, as listeners sat beside speakers. The event was evidence of Ben Franklin’s efforts to overcome the alleged college and town divide. The reading, held in this particular space, welcomed students into the town, creating a warm atmosphere through a shared love of poetry. The s...

Dana Juliano, Brad Pickens, and Allen Wilson are the owner and chefs for Oberlin’s newest restaurant, The Corner Joint, on East College Street, which opened April 20.

New Restaurant Promises Friendly Local Experience

May 4, 2018

The Corner Joint has opened on East College Street as one of the newest restaurants in the area. Employing an eclectic, farm-to-fork menu, the restaurant opened its doors April 20 and has already attained a five-star rating on Facebook and Yelp. The Corner Joint is in the location formerly occupied by India Garden, which closed its doors in February after serving Oberlin for just under two years. Owner Dana Juliano and her boyfriend, Head Chef Brad Pickens, hope to revitalize the space and make T...

The Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies is one of the most innovative green buildings in the country. Despite this, the College falls short of its sustainability goals by a large margin.

OES Requests Landfill Gas Recovery System

December 8, 2017

The Office of Environmental Sustainability is attempting to reduce Oberlin College’s carbon footprint and boost its sustainability reputation by cutting emissions through a new landfill gas recovery system that was proposed during a presentation to the Board of Trustees yesterday. “[The video] highlights carbon neutrality progress over the past decade and introduces the proposed heating solution utilizing waste heat from the electrification process at the landfill,” said Bridget Flynn, the...

Feature Photo: J.D. Vance Speaks at American Democracy Conference

Feature Photo: J.D. Vance Speaks at American Democracy Conference

November 17, 2017

J.D. Vance, author of The New York Times bestselling Hillbilly Elegy: A Memoir of a Family and Culture in Crisis, spoke at the Apollo Theatre this morning. Hillbilly Elegy offers a perspective of America’s white working class, tracking the generational migration of a family from the hills of Kentucky to a rural town in Ohio. Vance was a participant of the American Democracy Conference, which launched Wednesday at The Hotel at Oberlin. The conference will culminate this evening with a convocation e...

College senior Paddy McCabe discusses a survey he took on his desired campus improvements with Student Senate Vice Chair Kameron Dunbar and President Carmen Ambar. Students who participated received a free Krispy Kreme donut.

Student Senate Holds First Annual Constituents’ Week

November 17, 2017

Members of Student Senate spent every night in Mudd library this week — known as Constituents’ Week — handing out Feve tots and Krispy Kreme donuts to every student who filled out a short questionnaire. The surveys, which were anonymous, asked students to provide feedback about academic programs, mental health and disability resources, athletics, and housing — ultimately geared toward retention, which decreased in the 2017–18 academic year and has contributed to the $5-million deficit...

Gibson’s Files Lawsuit Against College, Raimondo

Gibson’s Files Lawsuit Against College, Raimondo

November 10, 2017

David and Allyn Gibson, the father and son co-owners of Gibson’s Bakery in downtown Oberlin, filed a lawsuit against Oberlin College and Vice President and Dean of Students Meredith Raimondo in the Lorain County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday. The lawsuit stems from a series of protests and boycotts directed at Gibson’s after an alleged incident of racial profiling and student shoplifting. The Gibsons allege eight counts against the defendants, including accusations of libel, intentional infliction...

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