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ExCo Fair Showcases Community Interests

ExCo Fair Showcases Community Interests

February 9, 2018

Students attend the ExCo Fair in the Root Room of Carnegie Building on Wednesday night. ExCos, or Experimental College courses, are taught by students, community members, and faculty, providing the campus the opportunity to teach, explore, and learn about areas of interest beyond the college classroom. Students signed up for a variety of classes, ranging from “Alternative Schools of Economic Thought” and “Black Lives Matter: In the Sciences” to “ArmokCo: Dwarf Fortress,” “DisCo: A D...

The Admissions office, located on the first floor of the Carnegie Building, will move to the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center. Some functions of the the Dean of Studies office will be incorporated into a new Academic Advising Resource Center in the former admissions space .

Administrators Approve Advising Overhaul Plans

March 10, 2017

When the Dean of Studies of­fice dissolves at the end of this semester, its duties will scatter among the offices of the Deans of Students, Arts and Sciences, the Conservatory and a new office set to launch this summer: the Aca­demic Advising Resource Center. The center will take over the space vacated by the Admissions office in the Carnegie Building when the office moves to the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center. Among other tasks, the Aca­demic Advising Resource Center will condense all College...

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