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Margaritas on the rocks at Lupitas Mexican Restaurant during their Marg Night special.

Margarita Nights: An Old Student Tradition Meets a New Location

March 13, 2020

Editor’s Note: All students quoted in this article are of legal drinking age. Do you prefer your margaritas frozen or on the rocks? Is your favorite flavor the original lime, or an option like peach, watermelon, or mango? These are the questions I asked the crowded tables at Lupitas Mexican Restaurant, a downtown Oberlin joint known for its lacquered booth murals, reasonably priced enchilada platters, and, most of all, Marg Night. A staple among College students, Marg Nights are every Tuesday ...

Catrina’s Tacos Los de Tinga

Catrina’s Food Review: New Mexican Eatery Opens in Oberlin

March 8, 2019

An Indian and a Pakistani walked along West College Street last Thursday, terrified that within the next few hours we would hear terrible news regarding escalating military tension from our South Asian borders. We decided the best way to deal with this fear was to share a meal at Catrina’s Tacos y Margaritas — Oberlin’s new Mexican restaurant.  The restaurant was full that night, though it’s hard to tell whether the foot traffic was due to the novelty of a new restaurant downtown or ge...

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