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CDS and Students Discuss Cultural Appropriation

Sydney Allen

December 4, 2015

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Following claims of Campus Dining Services appropriating traditional Asian dishes, representatives from the South Asian, Vietnamese and Chinese student associations met with CDS to discuss students’ concerns on Wednesday, Nov. 18. The meeting came on the heels of a recent article published by the Review, which critiqued Dascomb Dining Hall’s sushi bar and other interpretations of Asian dishes that many called disrespectful (“CDS Appropriates Asian Dishes, Students Say,” The Oberlin Review, Nov. 6, 2015). “They took us very seriously and were taking notes the whole time,” said Clover Linh Tran, College sophomore and Vietnamese Student Association co-chair, who wrote the original article. “They seemed very...

CDS Appropriates Asian Dishes, Students Say

CDS Appropriates Asian Dishes, Students Say

November 6, 2015

Diep Nguyen, a College first-year from Vietnam, jumped with excitement at the sight of Vietnamese food on Stevenson Dining Hall’s menu at Orientation this year. Craving Vietnamese comfort food, Nguyen rushed to the food station with high hopes. What she got, however, was a total disappointment. The traditional Banh Mi Vietnamese sandwich that Stevenson Dining Hall promised turned out to be a cheap imitation of the East Asian dish. Instead of a crispy baguette with grilled pork, pate, pickled...

CDS Workers: We’re Overworked, Disrespected

CDS Workers: We’re Overworked, Disrespected

October 2, 2015

The Lord-Saunders Dining Hall did not open for dinner on Sunday night, and some stations in Stevenson Dining Hall went unfilled. While the closures may have been nothing more than a minor inconvenience for students, they point to larger problems: severe understaffing in Campus Dining Services and a general sense among some workers that Bon Appétit Management Company pushes them to the limit and does not give them enough respect. According to Director of Dining Services Michele Gross, CDS is...

Temp Workers Need Student Support

Max Berclaz, Contributing Writer

April 24, 2015

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Following the name and mission of last year’s Defending Oberlin Financial Accessibility protests, students are once again facing off against the College’s plans to make Oberlin a less economically just institution. While the majority of the movement has focused on combating the upcoming $2,500 raise in tuition and pushing for a tuition freeze, organizing has also focused on fighting anti-blackness, racism and the exploitation of workers at Oberlin. Here I want to specifically draw attention to the College’s treatment of temporary workers, and how a movement for economic justice must be in solidarity with workers’ struggles. Essentially, temp workers have next to no rights at Oberlin College. There are no official...

College and Churches Partner to Offer Free Food

College and Churches Partner to Offer Free Food

March 6, 2015

Several student senators worked with Community and Government Relations Assistant Tita Reed and First Church Pastor David Hill to organize a program to offer students free meals during the break. The program is intended to assist students who can’t afford to return home for break and need help paying for food. The meals will be provided by several of Oberlin’s local churches, including Christ Episcopal, First United Methodist Church, the First Church in Oberlin UCC and the Unitarian Universalist...

Just Ask Us: DeCafé Not Worth Price

Jolie DeFeis and Mike Plotz

February 27, 2015

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Disclaimer: “Just Ask Us and We’ll Tell Ya” is a satirical column, and the Review does not condone illegal activity of any kind.  There comes a time in every Oberlin student’s life when a decision must be made: Should I steal that shit from DeCafé? Of course, stealing is wrong when put into simplistic terms, but alas, we do not live in such a black and white world. The real question is whether DeCafé and Campus Dining Services are already stealing from us — and we believe the answer is yes. Here at “Just Ask Us,” we are 100 percent certain that CDS is stealing from us. Here in the Opinions section, we’re sure you’re used to reading opinions, but first, let’s break down the facts. Everyone know...

Temporary CDS Workers to Receive Free Meals

Oliver Bok, Staff Writer

December 12, 2014

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Campus Dining Services has decided to allow temporary workers to eat a meal following their shifts after a petition by the Student Labor Action Coalition asking CDS to change its staff meal policy garnered over 1000 signatures. “I need this week to communicate to the managers that work in four different [CDS locations] how this would work, and then we will implement [the new policy] right after that,” said Michele Gross, director of Dining Services, on Tuesday. “I think we’re going to have a test of it starting next week.” The old staff meal policy granted a meal to non- student workers who worked at least five hours per shift. In practice, the policy excluded temporary workers from receiving...

Attendance at CDS Policy Symposium Essential for Food Justice

Aliya Tuzhilin, Helena Bader, Eleanor Catlin, and Ayami Kan

November 21, 2014

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To the Editors: Oberlin students and CDS employees have the incredible opportunity to help write a food policy for Oberlin College that will guide the College and CDS in its purchasing and employment practices. This Saturday, we, the Real Food Challenge, are hosting a symposium to discuss a draft of the food policy we have written. This policy is based upon the values of the Real Food Challenge, which is a national movement working to increase the amount of local, sustainable, humane, ecological and fair food purchasing and practices on college campuses across the country. This symposium is a forum for students to voice their opinions on food purchasing, campus sustainability, labor rights and other food-related issues....

Bon Appetit Introduces New Animal Welfare Policy

Abby Collier

March 16, 2012

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Bon Appétit will offer the program to Oberlin along with 400 other institutions and corporations including Google, Disney Land and the Art Institute of Chicago. The program “will be setting a new high-water mark in the food-service sector,” noted Wayne Pacelle, president and CEO of The Humane Society of the United States. The policy, to be phased in by 2015, will ensure that all Bon Appétit pork comes from pigs raised in higher-welfare group housing systems rather than in gestation crate confinement systems, and that all liquid eggs will now be cage-free and from farms. The company, which uses 1.75 million pounds of eggs and 3 million pounds of pork annually, also said it will ramp up efforts to s...

No Need to Agree with Me: Contextualizing Cap’n Crunch Prices

Lisa Mon'a Brown, Columnist

March 4, 2011

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A 12 oz package of Chips Ahoy cookies: $4.77 A 14 oz package of Oreos: $6.75 A 16 oz box of Cap’n Crunch cereal: $7.02 The outraged look on my face: Priceless Perhaps you haven’t noticed yet, but DeCafé recently made a number of considerable price increases on grocery items. So before you buy that box of Cap’n Crunch, you may want to settle for a box of Honey Nut Cheerios or Frosted Flakes instead. You’ll save significant cash. Now, before you assume that this article will be one of many to criticize policies and seemingly discourteous actions made by Residential Education and Dining Services, you may want to think again. In reality, however, Residential Education might not be at blame at all...

Oberlin Campus Dining Services: Tomatoless

Holly Roney, Staff Writer

December 11, 2009

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Students eating in any of Oberlin’s dining halls probably noticed the recent disappearance of fresh sliced tomatoes. This November, Campus Dining Services and Bon Appétit decided to stop buying tomatoes from Florida farms until the labor practices on these farms change. Concern over Bon Appétit’s tomatoes began last spring after Fedele Bauccio, the CEO of the Bon Appétit Management Company, visited his tomato supplier’s farms in Florida. During his trip, Bauccio was shocked by farm workers’ low wages and exclusion from the National Labor Relations Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act, depriving them of the rights to overtime pay and collective bargaining. After Bauccio’s trip, BAMCO worked with the...

Oberlin’s Peta2 Ranking Beaten by Wesleyan’s Veggie Vote Mobilization

Julian Spiro, Staff Writer

December 11, 2009

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Despite Oberlin’s many tofu scrambles and vegan baked goods, the school just missed out on Peta2’s Most Vegetarian-Friendly College title. Oberlin improved from last year’s sixth-place finish in Peta2’s “Most Vegetarian-Friendly Colleges Competition,” coming in second behind Wesleyan University. However, representatives of Oberlin and Wesleyan alike are reluctant to put too much stock in the results. Michele Gross, business director of Campus Dining Services, maintains that the contest does not provide a meaningful ranking of the quality and quantity of colleges’ vegetarian options. “It seems to be only a popularity contest, [based solely on] how many students respond,” said Gross. “It does...

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