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Off the Cuff: Rob Hillard, City Manager

Off the Cuff: Rob Hillard, City Manager

December 9, 2016

Rob Hillard began his job as Oberlin’s new city manager Monday. In his new position, Hillard will run the city administration and make recommendations to City Council. Hillard served as the city manager for Allegan, MI, from 2005 to 2016. Previously, he worked as the city manager for Yellow Springs, Ohio — home of Antioch College — from 2000 to 2005. The City Council unanimously selected Hillard for the job Oct. 27 after a 10-month search. After narrowing the search to two candidates earlier —...

Hillard Brings Decades of Experience to Manager Post

Lucy Haskell

November 4, 2016

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After almost 10 months and two rounds of recruitment, City Council unanimously approved the appointment of Rob Hillard as Oberlin city manager last Thursday. Pending contract negotiations, Mr. Hill- ard will come to Oberlin with more than two decades of experience in local govern- ment in Allegan, MI and Yellow Springs, Ohio. Oberlin City Council Vice President Linda Slocum cited his experience in Ohio, particularly his time working in Yellow Springs, the home of liberal arts school Antioch College, as a factor that gave Hillard an edge. “I think [Oberlin] will be a good fit for him and the council did too,” Slocum said. Hillard’s appointment follows 10 months of interim leadership from fi- nance director Sa...

Council Chooses Hillard for City Manager

Council Chooses Hillard for City Manager

October 28, 2016

After months of uncertainty surrounding Oberlin’s lack of a permanent city manager, City Council unanimously selected Robert Hillard to fill the position Thursday evening. Hillard was previously the city manager for Allegan, MI, where he served from 2005–2016. The pick comes as a bit of a surprise, as Hillard was added to the list of candidates for the position after two other finalists took positions in other municipalities. According to city councilmember Bryan Burgess, Hillard’...

Council Needs Quicker Decision on City Manager

Editorial Board

September 9, 2016

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The city manager search that has now stretched for nine months re­sembles an episode of Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation, except there’s no season finale in sight. Interim City Manager and Finance Director Sal Talarico has stepped up since former City Manager Eric Norenberg re­signed last December, but City Council seems at odds and unwilling to permanently appoint Talarico to the post. In a meeting on Aug. 15, the council had its search narrowed to two candidates: Talarico, who has worked as the finance director for nearly 16 years, and Navy veteran Lowell Crow, who has two years of experience as a city administrator in Monmouth, IL. But the council failed to reach a supermajority, which requires five of ...

Stalemate Results in Extended City Manager Search

September 2, 2016

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An Oberlin City Council meeting that promised to conclude the nine-month search for a permanent city manager resulted in a stalemate Aug. 15. The process has dragged on since former City Manager Eric Norenberg stepped down last December, leaving Interim City Manager Sal Talarico to serve as both city manager and finance director. “It’s not the ideal situation I would anticipate could be done on a permanent basis,” Talarico said. “It requires quite a bit more time on everybody’s part. I don’t think this is something that can be sustained over a long period of time. We’re already almost eight full months into it, and hopefully council can develop a process for continuing the search and address it quickly.” At...

GovHR to Take Control of City Manager Search

Vergil Demery

February 26, 2016

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Oberlin City Council agreed last week to hire GovHR USA to assist in its search for a permanent city manager. GovHR, a corporate firm based in Northbrook, IL, was chosen over three other applicants to help vet candidates for the position. City Council Member Kelley Singleton cited GovHR’s experience in college towns, specifically Williamstown, MA, and the number of women it employs as reasons for choosing the company. The consulting firm has assisted with similar searches in cities across 22 states. For example, in November of last year GovHR facilitated the hiring of a replacement city manager in Ferguson, MO, after protests and government intervention following the police shooting of Michael Brown. City Council...

Until Next Time: What’s to Come Next Semester

Tyler Sloan, News Editor

December 12, 2015

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Strategic Plan: College President Marvin Krislov said that a final draft of the Strategic Plan will be published in March. The Steering Committee released a draft, titled Oberlin College Strategic Plan 2016-2021: Shaping the Future, on Tuesday, Oct. 26, which was met with student concern regarding ambiguous language and future plans. City Manager: Interim City Manager Sal Talarico will take over for outgoing City Manager Eric Norenberg when he leaves for a new management position in Milford, Delaware on Jan. 1. Talarico will serve as interim manager until the Council selects a permanent replacement by April. Between the World and Me Dinner and Discussion: The Lewis House and Religious Life Center will host a dinner and ...

City Council Appoints Interim City Manager

City Council Appoints Interim City Manager

December 4, 2015

As City Manager Eric Norenberg prepares to move to a new job in Milford, Delaware, City Council has decided to promote from within. City Council met on Nov. 30 to pass an ordinance appointing Sal Talarico, the current director of finance for the city of Oberlin, as the new interim city manager. Talarico will remain finance director while assuming the responsibilities of city manager starting Jan. 1, until the City Council finds a permanent replacement. The length of Talarico’s term as interim manager wi...

City Manager to Leave in December

City Manager to Leave in December

November 13, 2015

After eight years on the job, Eric Norenberg is preparing to leave his position as city manager. Norenberg recently received a similar managerial position in a city that will be announced publicly on Monday. Norenberg informed City Council of his plans this past week, prompting the Council to hold its first meeting about finding an interim manager. Norenberg plans to continue as Oberlin’s city manager until Dec. 23. While he declined to specify the town, Norenberg said he’s excited to lend...

Retreat Provides Venue for Council Members to Air Concerns

Retreat Provides Venue for Council Members to Air Concerns

February 13, 2015

The Oberlin City Council is working on communication. Last Friday and Saturday, the seven Oberlin City Council members, a paid facilitator and 10 to 15 interested community members filed into a small conference room at the Oberlin Inn for a rare midterm City Council retreat. “How can we work as a team if we speak through the media instead of to each other?” asked first-term Oberlin City Council member Sharon Pearson at the retreat. At the beginning of every two-year Council term, members...

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