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College junior Cat Robinson, College first-year Lily Lansdell, and College junior Katherine Carson baking late at night in the Pyle Co-op kitchen.

OSCA and College Discuss Future Partnership

April 5, 2019

Oberlin College and the Oberlin Student Cooperative Association have begun the process of collaboratively discussing the terms of the financial relationship between the College and OSCA, which feeds 590 students and houses 180. These conversations were prompted by data revealed by the Academic and Administration Program Review steering committee, which identified that the College loses $1.9 million in annual revenue through its relationship with OSCA. While AAPR leadership has emphasized the $1.9 million...

A Thank You to College Faculty

Meg Parker, Contributing Writer

November 9, 2018

Sitting in Craig Lecture Hall on Wednesday, my fellow student representatives to the College Faculty Committee and I attended the first meeting we were ever invited to. Although students had been official members for over 40 years, due to a lapse in institutional memory, we had not been included in the meetings for as long as many faculty members could remember. During this meeting, faculty members were deliberating on whether to allow students to continue participating in the committee as voting members. After a lengthy discussion, the College Faculty voted to continue student representation. As an active member of Oberlin governance for the past three years, I have learned extensively about the institution, our...

SFC Pivots to Ad-Hoc Fund After Board Rejects Fee Increase

Roman Broszkowski, News Editor

April 20, 2018

The Board of Trustees rejected the Student Senate’s proposal to increase the student activity fee by $63 per semester next fiscal year. The decision — made at a March 22 board meeting — also called for the Student Finance Committee to repropose the fee raise when the board begins discussions for FY 2020 funding allocations. Senate initially presented the fee increase to the board March 9. The Office of the Student Treasurer initially drafted the proposal so that the SFC could keep up with student organizations’ budget demands and to bolster the diminishing funding pool. Student Senate Chair and College junior Kameron Dunbar presented the proposal to the board, and he added that he was disappointed in the boar...

President Carmen Ambar speaks during Thursday’s General Faculty Compensation Committee forum. The committee held the forum to address questions about the changes to salary increases and benefits.

Ambar Announces Budget Plans to Faculty, Staff

February 16, 2018

President Carmen Ambar and other senior administrators have launched an 11-day presentation campaign in which all College and Conservatory faculty, administrative and professional staff, Student Senate, student media, and other constituencies will see the largest overview of Oberlin’s financial situation to date, along with Ambar’s proposed plan to rectify Oberlin’s ever-worsening deficit. The College managed to reduce its deficit from $5 million to $3 million this year, largely due to a las...

Discussion of Enrollment, Retention Must Include Dorms

Editorial Board

November 17, 2017

Enrollment and retention are two of the most immediate issues that Oberlin College must address. That much has become clear over the last few years, as the College has seen its Moody’s credit rating drop and budget deficit soar due in large part to unexpected enrollment shortfalls. Naturally, the College’s administration is looking to address these problems that have a significant impact on College finances — the PAL program is a prime example. Created by Associate Dean of Students Dana Hamdan, PAL seeks to address feelings of discontent and isolation among first-year students that have negatively impacted retention. One aspect of student life that has been overlooked in discussions of how to address student unhappin...

Professor of Geology Dennis Hubbard guiding students in an Earth’s Environments lab. The Geology department is one of the many departments facing staffing concerns after the College announced a hiring freeze this semester.

College Implements Hiring Freezes

September 29, 2017

Each fall, the College begins its faculty hiring process with departments submitting requests to the Education Policies and Procedures Committee, a subcommittee of the General Faculty Committee, asking for new tenure-track faculty positions. This year, however, some departments face unclear prospects following a temporary hiring freeze implemented by the administration. The Dean of Studies office recently informed all College department chairs that there would be a temporary freeze on permanent...

Hall Auditorium undergoing construction for a renovation and expansion. Oberlin’s Theater department could have difficulty staffing the theater due to budgetary constraints.

Staffing Shortage Creates Inequality

September 15, 2017

After Chair of the Board of Trustees Chris Canavan’s June email announcing this year’s budgetary deficit — including a drop in admissions, a five percent budgetary reduction, and a faculty salary freeze — many academic departments are preparing to weather another bout of budget restraints and staff shortages. In 2016, academic departments dealt with round after round of financial struggles, including a faculty salary freeze and the Voluntary Separation Incentive Program that encouraged early r...

Enrollment Drop Creates Financial Shortfall

Sydney Allen and Alexis Dill

September 8, 2017

Oberlin College is looking at a $5 million deficit heading into the 2017–18 academic year due to an unexpected drop in admissions. This not only strains budgets for the upcoming fiscal year, but also points toward a much larger budgetary issue that has been brewing under the surface for years. Newly-elected Chair of the Board of Trustees Chris Canavan, OC ’84, announced the news in an email to faculty and staff June 14. The email, given to the Review by anonymous sources, was sent just a few weeks before Canavan officially took office, replacing six-year board member Clyde McGregor, OC ’74. “Although we had already reduced budgets across the institution for next year, this shortfall in student charges will ge...

President Carmen Ambar

Off the Cuff: Carmen Ambar, President of Oberlin College

September 1, 2017

Today, Carmen Ambar became the 15th President of Oberlin College. With a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Service from Georgetown University, a master’s degree in Public Affairs from Princeton University, and a law degree from Columbia University, Ambar was previously the 13th President of Cedar Crest College. Yesterday, President Ambar sat down with the Review to discuss her connection to Oberlin, thoughts on the College’s financial situation, and hopes for the future. This interview has bee...

Student Senator and College sophomore Meg Parker speaks at Sunday’s Student Senate plenary. Senators are drafting a proposal for a Central Budgeting Committee that will allow students, faculty and staff to participate in the College’s financial decision-making processes under a nondisclosure agreement.

Student Senate Proposes Central Budgeting Committee

April 28, 2017

Student senators are drafting a proposal to establish a Central Budgeting Commit­tee, a standing group that would include and engage students, faculty and staff in the College’s budgeting decisions. Senate’s Financial Prioritization task force hopes to release the proposal this week to leverage student and faculty support before pre­senting it to senior administrators. Senate’s proposal calls for CBC mem­bers’ inclusion on all budgetary documents and information in accordance with a...

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