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Oberlin Must Take Next Step in Sexual Misconduct Prevention

Jackie Brant, Opinions Editor

September 7, 2018

Editor’s Note: This article contains discussion of sexual misconduct and sexual assault. As the school year begins, it is imperative that students keep in mind the prevalence of sexual misconduct on campus and do what they can to minimize it in our community. Over 50 percent of sexual assaults on college campuses happen between August and November. Around 11 percent of all college students will be victims of sexual assault during their college careers, and 70 percent of campus survivors know their perpetrator prior to their assault. Further, 23 percent of women in college report that they have experienced some sort of nonconsensual sexual contact. More than 50 percent of these victims do not report the act, as th...

General Faculty Committees Need Students

Ben Libbey, Student Senator

November 14, 2014

To the Editors: One of the most significant ways in which Oberlin students can have an impact on College governance and policy is through General Faculty committees. These committees focus on specific topics and consist of faculty, administration and student members. The purpose of these committees is to assist and collaborate in the internal governance of the College and to formulate and propose policy. Most committees have a number of seats reserved for students. Unfortunately, a large number of these seats remain unfilled due to lack of applicants and interest from students. The following committees have openings for students: Academic Calendar Admissions and Financial Aid Advising Assessment Athletics Community-Based...

College Allocates $5 Million To New Initiative

Oliver Bok

October 10, 2014

Two new policies concerning the College’s investments may make Oberlin finances more reflective of the ideals pushed by the faculty and student body. The College recently announced a new divestment policy through which members of the Oberlin community can request that the College divest from holdings in corporations that “shock the conscience.” In addition to the new divestment policy, the Board of Trustees has set aside $5 million from the endowment to be invested in “socially responsible” investments over the next five years as part of the Impact Investment Platform. According to the resolution adopted by the Board in June, all divestment requests will be assessed according to three criteri...

College Alcohol & Drug Policy

Lori K. Morgan Flood, Kimberly Jackson Davidson, Adrian Bautista, and Rebecca Mosely

December 7, 2012

The Office of Student Wellness, the Office of Judicial Affairs and the Office of Residential Education and Dining Services partner to support the College’s mission to provide students with educational programming in an environment that encourages personal growth and individual well-being. In particular, we seek to support students in making choices that avoid the risks associated with unhealthy or dangerous use of alcohol and other substances. We recognize that students are adults and are expected to obey the law and take personal responsibility for their conduct. We would like to draw your attention to the following policies and initiatives related to alcohol and other drugs: All students are expected to fami...

Students Facilitate Body Image Dialogue

Julia Herbst, News Editor

November 9, 2012

Despite recent studies challenging ideas that a person’s weight is indicative of overall health, many people still experience weight stigma. At Oberlin, several students are working to create spaces on campus to discuss body image and fat acceptance. Numerous studies suggest that body weight can be a poor indicator of overall health. One such study by researchers at the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University found that Type 2 diabetes patients with a normal body weight are more than twice as likely to die as overweight and obese Type 2 diabetes patients. This phenomenon, which scientists have termed the “obesity paradox,” has been shown to exist with other conditions as well, including kidney...

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