General Faculty Committees Need Students

Ben Libbey, Student Senator

To the Editors:

One of the most significant ways in which Oberlin students can have an impact on College governance and policy is through General Faculty committees. These committees focus on specific topics and consist of faculty, administration and student members. The purpose of these committees is to assist and collaborate in the internal governance of the College and to formulate and propose policy.

Most committees have a number of seats reserved for students. Unfortunately, a large number of these seats remain unfilled due to lack of applicants and interest from students. The following committees have openings for students:

Academic Calendar
Admissions and Financial Aid
Community-Based Learning
Educational Plans and Policies
Educational Policy
Educational Technology
Equity and Diversity
Finney Lectureship
Forum Board
Student Assemblies
Student Honor
Student Life
Winter Term
If you are interested in joining any of these committees or want more information, please contact the Student Senate committee appointment coordinators at [email protected].

–Ben Libbey

Student Senator