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Canceled Productions: Art in a Time of COVID-19

Aly Fogel, Arts & Culture Editor

March 13, 2020

The night before Così fan tutte was scheduled to open this past Wednesday, the entire cast, crew, orchestra, creative team, and every voice faculty member gathered on the stage of Hall Auditorium as Dean of the Conservatory William Quillen officially announced that the opera would be closed to the general public. The show must go on — even if the audience is banned from attending. Aside from the two tickets that every cast member is allowed to give friends and family, Hall Auditorium will be empty as the show is performed. The audience, instead, will be watching the show from computers or TV screens as it is livestreamed tonight at 8 p.m. In the age of COVID-19, the question we are all forced to ask is a new version o...

Students turned out in force this Wednesday for the 23rd annual Colors of Rhythm showcase. This year, the theme was “Freedom in this Village.”

MRC Colors of Rhythm Celebrates POC Creative Expression

April 12, 2019

The 23rd annual Colors of Rhythm showed loud and proud at Finney Chapel this past Wednesday, putting students of color and the organizations they represent center stage. The event invited all to come and share in the variety of art forms expressed, including dance, singing, spoken word, and storytelling.  The theme of this year’s Colors of Rhythm, “Freedom in this Village,” was chosen to honor E. Lynn Harris, who was a prominent figure in Black gay male literature for more than 25 years...

Students from ASA perform in Colors of Rhythm last Thursday, an annual showcase of artists and performers of color on campus
organized by the Multicultural Resource Center.

“Colors of Rhythm” Highlights POC Performances

April 7, 2017

Student artists of color took the stage in Finney Chapel for the 21st annual Colors of Rhythm showcase last Thursday night, showcasing languages, instruments and dance traditions underrepresented in Oberlin classes and campus life. This year, the event featured spoken word performers, singers, OCTaiko, the Filipinx American Students’ Association Band, a dance group from the African Students Association, Descendants of the Dragon, Movimiento and a variety of other groups. One band performed in T...

Yesterday evening marked the 21st annual Colors of Rhythm showcase, conceived in 1997
to highlight certain cultural modes of performance notably absent from curricula and mainstream
awareness. The event has persisted to this day as a platform for artists and performers
of color to explore and celebrate cultural art forms.

The primary objective for Colors of Rhythm is to provide “a forum for disenfranchised artists
and performers of color” to express themselves through forms historically omitted from
course offerings, and, in so doing, to “initiate constructive protest against issues of cultural
appropriation and uncritical cultural assimilation by and within dominant cultures,” according
to its mission statement.

Presenting a variety of performances from Taiko drumming and dance forms like step to
spoken word and vocal pieces, the showcase seeks to raise awareness about whitewashing
and appropriation, as well as challenge the dynamic of decontextualization that can occur
when such forms are coopted into dominant artistic movements.

Colors of Rhythm

March 31, 2017

Tamil Sri Lankan trans artist D’Lo will return to the Cat in the Cream Sunday evening with his
touring show D’FaqTo Life.

Intersectional Comedian D’Lo Brings Variety Show to Oberlin

February 24, 2017

A unique blend of stand-up comedy, poetry and storytelling awaits guests at the Cat in the Cream Sunday as actor and comedian D’Lo brings his touring variety show, D’FaQTo Life (pronounced “de facto”) to Oberlin. The show will be his first in Oberlin since 2013, when he performed as part of Colors of Rhythm, and he’s since gone on to perform roles in HBO’s Looking and the Netflix original series Sense8. Co-sponsored by the South Asian Students Association, International Students’ Organi...

Feature Photo: Colors of Rhythm

Feature Photo: Colors of Rhythm

April 1, 2016

College senior Leah Wood, left, College senior Jason Ihm, double-degree senior Matthew Blankinship and College junior Zoii Barnes of OC Taiko present an intense, rhythmically tight performance Wednesday night. OSlam, the South Asian Students Association, the Chinese Student Association’s Wushu Team, the African Students Association, In Solidarity, Filipinx American Students Association Band, Movimiento and Umoja joined OC Taiko for the 20th annual Colors of Rhythm performance at Finney Chapel. ...

Colors of Rhythm Brings Passion, Solidarity to Finney Chapel

Annelise Giseburt, Production Manager

April 10, 2015

Yesterday evening, Finney Chapel was filled by Colors of Rhythm, marking the show’s 19th consecutive year. The event, which, according to the its mission statement, began as “constructive protest for the visibility, recognition and celebration of certain cultural dance forms and other art forms that aren’t recognized by the mainstream culture and academics on campus,” continues to be a space to celebrate and honor the multitude of cultures, art forms and performers in the community. “We encourage all those involved to recognize how systems of inequality and oppression work to perpetuate racial and cultural invisibility and appropriation and to acknowledge the agency and power that this event stands for,”...

Colors of Rhythm Celebrates Global Arts

Jarrett Hoffman, Staff Writer

April 12, 2013

Celebrating diversity through performance art was the essence of Oberlin’s 17th annual Colors of Rhythm performance, held April 5 at Finney Chapel. The program was made up of 10 acts, each representing a different marginalized cultural group represented at Oberlin. In line with the history of CoR, dance was the most prominent art form on the program. Particularly impressive for their liveliness and synchronicity were the Umoja Steppers and Students of Caribbean Ancestry. The Steppers even took a cheeky moment onstage to challenge a previous criticism published in The Oberlin Review that they “didn’t practice enough.” Their strong performance certainly spoke to their preparation. While dancing dominated the sh...

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