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Neo-Futurist Member Teaches Obies Non-Illusory Performance

Jaimie Yue, Arts & Culture Editor

February 7, 2020

A scathing monologue about the zodiac signs. A somber mathematical proof about the square root of two and the mysteries of human behavior. A carefree dance to “Shark Smile” by Big Thief. An unabashed cover of “Somebody to Love” by Queen, but performed in a pitch-black room. All these and more were the 38 short performances in Staging the Real, an on-campus Winter Term project and that went up for one night only on Jan. 31. Staging the Real incorporated the principles of neo-futurism and non-illusory performance. Both styles embrace the limitations of theater and do not attempt to project the illusion of a character or setting. Joey Rizzolo, OC ’97, was the project facilitator leading the 16 ...

Visiting Jazz Pianist and Composer Blurs Musical Categories

Matei Predescu

March 15, 2019

Last week, the Conservatory’s Performance & Improvisation program hosted Venezuelan-born jazz pianist and composer Luis Perdomo in a residency which brought his original compositions to the student-led PI ensembles as part of the Conservatory’s Artist Recital Series. The residency culminated in a performance Saturday night which featured six of Perdomo’s compositions performed by the student ensembles, alongside a solo set of his own.  Perdomo looks to salsa and other Latin American styles of music, as well as classical music, as sources of inspiration for his original compositions.  The New York-based jazz pianist has collaborated and performed with contemporary innovators like saxophonists Miguel ...

On the Record with Peter Swendsen, assistant professor of Computer Music and Digital Arts

On the Record with Peter Swendsen, assistant professor of Computer Music and Digital Arts

October 9, 2015

Peter Swendsen joined Oberlin’s TIMARA faculty in 2007 as assistant professor of Computer Music and Digital Arts. Last year he released an album titled Allusions to Seasons and Weather, in which he captured his experiences in Norway almost 10 years ago. Currently serving as the chair of the TIMARA department, Swendsen gave a talk this past Tuesday about his soundscape compositions in relation to the field of ecoacoustics. You released your album Allusions to Seasons and Weather a year ago around...

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