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Snail Mail’s Midweek Show Met with Applause

Carson Dowhan, Senior Staff Writer

December 7, 2018

Early-week shows typically aren’t the most popular, but indie rock bands Snail Mail and Why Bonnie might have brought one of the biggest weeknight crowds to the ’Sco this semester. They took the stage to play their new releases on Tuesday night. Students raved over the performance.  “The way Lindsey Jordan [of Snail Mail] carried herself on stage was not like an artist performing for a group of fans, but [like] she was one of us here performing for peers and just having a good time,” College first-year Eamon McKeon commented the next day. “She talked about things on campus and talked to people in the audience, and making jokes about the tech issues at the beginning of the show. She was very down to earth an...

Mourning [A] BLKstar Impresses With Soulful Orientation Show at the Cat in the Cream

Sophia Zandi

September 7, 2018

The Cat in the Cream hosted Mourning [A] BLKstar, a future-soul band from Cleveland, on the first Friday night after orientation. Not sure what to expect, students slowly trickled into the cozy coffeehouse and hesitantly sat on couches near the walls. Although the show started with no line and tentative entries, soon about 250 people were dancing around the stage, while dozens of others sat enjoying tea and cookies. One of the three lead vocalists, Kyle Kidd, had remarked earlier that he was excited for the performance because there would be a lot of first-years. He wanted to make sure everyone felt welcome, given that his own college experience wasn’t always a great time. Mourning [A] BLKstar was created by...

Concert Exemplifies Collaboration in Face of Disaster

Concert Exemplifies Collaboration in Face of Disaster

September 15, 2017

In the wake of the two major hurricanes that have impacted the mainland United States over the past few weeks, communities across the nation have rallied to provide support to those affected. Friday night, students from Oberlin Conservatory joined with the Cleveland Orchestra, the Cleveland Institute of Music, and Credo Music to put on a benefit concert to raise money to support the American Red Cross’ relief efforts in Texas and Florida. The concert — titled “Help After Harvey,” though the fu...

Hackneyed Songwriting Plagues Eskimeaux Set

Danny Evans, Arts Editor

September 4, 2015

Despite enthusiastic stage presence, solid audio and an obviously practiced four-piece lineup, Eskimeaux, the recording project of New York-based musician Gabrielle Smith, did not impress at the ’Sco last Friday night. As the headliners of this year’s orientation show, Smith and her live bandmates Oliver Kalb, Felix Walworth and Jack Greenleaf squandered their opportunity to win over a room packed with incoming first-years by failing to stand out from hordes of similar lo-fi rock acts. Based on Smith’s older records, she might have played a set that would fit snugly into the ambient and drone genres, or at least contain trace elements of these styles. Disappointingly, the songs she offered adhered more closely...

Student, Faculty Bruch Concert Proves Emphatic

Colin Roshak, Staff Writer

April 10, 2015

It’s not very often that Conservatory faculty members take the stage alongside their students, but when they do, it’s sure to be a memorable concert. This past Saturday, Associate Professor of Viola Michael Strauss and Associate Professor of Clarinet Richard Hawkins joined the Oberlin Chamber Orchestra for a performance of Max Bruch’s Double Concerto for Clarinet, Viola and Orchestra. Alongside Bruch’s piece was Schubert’s Symphony No. 9 in C major. The two masterpieces proved to be a thrilling combination. Bruch composed the Double Concerto in 1911, and it is one of his only compositions that holds a place in the classical canon. Often, the first movement of a concerto consists of a lengthy introduction...

Warren, Adron Collaborate Throughout Respective Sets

Warren, Adron Collaborate Throughout Respective Sets

April 3, 2015

Johanna Warren and Adron distinguished themselves from the rest of the singer-songwriter crowd while remaining firmly planted in folk tradition with their show at Tank Co-op Tuesday night. The atmosphere the two musicians set embodied this contradiction. They managed to establish a relaxed yet otherworldly mood that felt both similar to other folk shows and also entirely distinctive. Tank’s homey furnishing and a small but supportive audience helped foster the intimate feeling of the show, whi...

Claytons Add Spark to Strong OJE Concert

Claytons Add Spark to Strong OJE Concert

March 13, 2015

John Clayton must be a magician. There is no other way to explain the effortless precision with which the jazz icon played his mesmerizing bass solos at the Oberlin Jazz Ensemble concert last Friday evening. After being introduced to the audience at Finney Chapel by ensemble director Dennis Reynolds, Clayton — clad in a peach button-down and matching tie patterned with images of basses — appeared from behind a black blockade. With a genuine grin slapped across his face, he stepped through a band...

Jurassic 5 Founder Fails to Win Over Audience with Dreary Set

Jurassic 5 Founder Fails to Win Over Audience with Dreary Set

February 20, 2015

Hip-hop hearts were broken upon lauded lyricist and Jurassic 5 founder Chali 2na’s appearance at the ’Sco on Valentine’s Eve. 2na was phantasmal, retreating backstage for periods that reached 15 minutes in length. In his absence, electronic music duo and recent collaborators Funk Hunters did their best to fill the void 2na created, bringing a tightly mixed strain of high-energy dance music that had the crowd moving. For those who weren’t especially interested in 2na or hip-hop, the perform...

’Round Midnight Alumni Provide Idiosyncratic Sound

Nicolas Vigilante

February 13, 2015

Matt Young and Gene Fukui, both OC ’14 and better known as TWINKIDS, demolished barriers of genre at a house show in Oberlin this past Friday, Feb. 6. Their enigmatic set recalled everything from Kaskade to Simon & Garfunkel. TWINKIDS represent a conglomeration of Fukui’s and Young’s individual musical aesthetics, drawing on Fukui’s experience songwriting for major Japanese labels as well as Young’s background in classical piano and music theory. The duo met while singing in ’Round Midnight, Oberlin’s student folk and jazz a cappella group. TWINKIDS reached a major professional milestone when they participated in the Banff Centre’s Independent Music Residency this past fall. Four bands are selected...

Devoted Crowd Flocks to Mick Jenkins’s Raucous Underground Concert

Jake Frankenfield

February 13, 2015

Content warning: This article contains a racial slur printed in full. The word is part of an artist’s stage name. Mick Jenkins’ most recent record, the widely acclaimed The Waters, is known for its submerged, atmospheric production and intricate wordplay. Hailed as one of the best mixtapes of 2014, The Waters established Jenkins as a preeminent Chicago MC. Jenkins is currently touring with Saba Pivot, Noname Gypsy and a budding rapper affiliated with the Joey Bada$$-helmed Pro Era collective, Kirk Knight. Chicago has been central to the development of hip-hop as a genre since the early 1990s. In the ’90s, Chicago offered Twista; in the early 2000s, the city produced Kanye West and Common. Today, as hip-...

Empress Of Engages Crowd Despite Weak Vocals

Empress Of Engages Crowd Despite Weak Vocals

November 7, 2014

Singer-songwriter and producer Lorely Rodriguez entranced concertgoers last Sunday at the Cat in the Cream. Onstage she calls herself Empress Of, and though she routinely performs with her band, Rodriguez is the singular mind behind the music. Her debut EP Systems, released in April of 2013, drew artistic acclaim with its hazy electronic sound. Now with last year’s release, “Realize You,” her sound has evolved into more conventional pop. About 30 minutes past the scheduled show time, on...

Jazz, Classical Faculty Perform on Refurbished Piano

Jazz, Classical Faculty Perform on Refurbished Piano

October 3, 2014

  Conservatory faculty unveiled a newly refurbished Steinway piano to the public on Sunday afternoon for the inaugural concert of the Music at the Meeting House series. Members of the Oberlin community gathered in the historical First Church sanctuary to enjoy the incredible versatility of the program, which included everything from stately waltzes to operatic arias to jazz standards. Sigrun Heinzelmann, associate professor of Music Theory, opened the concert with Maurice Ravel’s Valses nob...

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