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(From left) Punch Brothers members Gabe Witcher on violin, Chris Eldridge, OC ’04, on guitar, frontman Chris Thile on mandolin, Paul Kowert on double bass and Noam Pikelny on banjo lock into a rhythm during their Artist Recital Series performance in Finney Chapel Sunday night. The bluegrass group demonstrated their talent and chemistry, but focused on diversity of repertoire at the expense of crowd-pleasing favorites.

Punch Brothers Meet, But Don’t Exceed, High Bar

March 14, 2014

When popular bluegrass band Punch Brothers turned out a last-minute show at the Cat in the Cream last semester, the raucous, enthusiastic concertgoers were treated to a hit parade culled primarily from the band’s crowd-pleasing last two albums. The clean acoustics of the small venue perfectly accentuated the show’s plunky, less bluegrass-heavy than usu­al set list. To be clear, it was one of the best concerts Oberlin has seen this year. But when the Punch Brothers took the Finney Chapel stage...

Muted Sea Monster Attack Imminent: TIMARA Infects Audiences at the Cat

Olivia Menzer

February 7, 2014

The energy that abounded at the Cat in the Cream on Monday night felt infectious in an eerie, bug-up-your-pants-with-a-rusty-knife way. The occasion for such an uncomfortably thrilling sensation? TIMARA’s Winter Term Final Concert. The music performed delivered a mind-altering experience that enraptured and shocked the audience. In fact, it was clear that the musicians who presented the concert had themselves been infected in a multitude of ways by the unorthodox sounds they created. The expectant audience settled in with cookies and a charming introduction by the class leaders, Double-degree second-years Matt Omahan and Paulus Van Horne, before the lights dimmed for 17 vastly different pieces. The dark room and...

(From left) College sophomores Michael Stenovec, Liam Casey, Reed McCoy, Ziya Smallens and Ivan Krasnov of Nuns prepare for their set at the ‘Sco. The band provided an energetic performance to an enthusiastic and growing crowd.

Student Showcase Rocks Classes Back into Session

February 7, 2014

Oberlin is known for its expansive student music scene, and if the Student Band Showcase last week is any indication, it’s only getting bigger. This past Friday, Jan. 31, the ‘Sco was filled with far more talent than the typical Wednesday evening DJs, as nearly a dozen talented musicians rocked the place. Students gathered in the ‘Sco for the first post-Winter Term performance of the new semester, filling the space not only with reunited friends but a showcase of Oberlin student talent...

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