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Administrators Approve Advising Overhaul Plans

Administrators Approve Advising Overhaul Plans

March 10, 2017

When the Dean of Studies of­fice dissolves at the end of this semester, its duties will scatter among the offices of the Deans of Students, Arts and Sciences, the Conservatory and a new office set to launch this summer: the Aca­demic Advising Resource Center. The center will take over the space vacated by the Admissions office in the Carnegie Building when the office moves to the Peter B. Lewis Gateway Center. Among other tasks, the Aca­demic Advising Resource Center will condense all College...

College to Eliminate Dean of Studies Office

College to Eliminate Dean of Studies Office

December 2, 2016

In an effort to consolidate and restructure offices on campus, administrators have decided to eliminate the Dean of Studies Office. The decision is part of the Strategic Plan’s implementation and efforts to create a more streamlined and helpful advising system. The Strategic Plan stipulates that the College needs to “adopt the framework of connected learning — an educational model that supports every student in the intentional integration of coursework, advising, mentoring, internships,...

Communication, Cooperation Needed for Medical Leave Reform

Editorial Board

April 29, 2016

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College fifth-year Libby Salemi went on medical leave during the second semester of her first year. After dealing with panic attacks that made it impossible to focus on her studies, she decided to take a break and try to diagnose her disorder. Upon returning to campus for her sophomore year, Salemi was required to attend weekly meetings with an assigned dean. Salemi found the dean apathetic and disinvested in Salemi’s reacclimation to campus. “I would like a person who can walk you through this process and be there for you,” Salemi said. “It’s confusing. It would have been nice to have someone when I returned to campus actually care, not someone who was just hired to do this job.” The end of the semes...

News Brief: Estes to Become Brown VP

Review Staff

February 5, 2016

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  Vice President and Dean of Studies Eric Estes will be leaving at the end of this semester to become the vice president for campus life and student services at Brown University. He came to Oberlin College in 2004 as an associate dean of studies and director of the Multicultural Resource Center. Here, he advocated for student activism and organizing and brought students and faculty together for community building. He has led the Division of Student Life, which includes 16 departments and offices, since 2011. During his time at Oberlin, Dean Estes has become one of the most recognizable administrators on campus. He has increased the staff in the Counseling Center and Office of Disability Services and serv...

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