The Oberlin Review

William Quillen Named Dean of Conservatory

Anisa Curry Vietze, News Editor

December 13, 2019

William Quillen has been hired as dean of the Conservatory after serving in the position on an interim basis since June 2018. In May, Oberlin launched a confidential national search for the position. Quillen was vice-chair of the Academic and Administrative Program Review’s Steering Committee, alongside Acting Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences David Kamitsuka. The Committee led the institution-wide evaluation and made recommendations to address the College’s financial issues. “I am excited that Bill will continue to provide thoughtful guidance and leadership as dean of the Conservatory,” President Carmen Twillie Ambar said according to a Dec. 10 College press release. “He has demonstrated a vision fo...

The Cox Administration Building houses the Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences’ office. Currently, both the College and the Conservatory are engaged in an active search for new deans.

Searches Launch for Next College, Conservatory Deans

September 6, 2019

In a time of unprecedented institutional change following the recommendations of the Academic and Administrative Program Review, both the College and Conservatory have launched active searches for new deans. The AAPR, which concluded this past spring, was chaired by Acting Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences David Kamitsuka and vice-chaired by Acting Dean of the Conservatory William Quillen. Both Kamitsuka and Quillen are currently filling their positions on an interim basis. Kamitsuka ass...

Dean’s Office Requires Student Participation

Eric Estes, Dean of Students

March 15, 2014

To the Editor: During the week of March 10, the Office of the Dean of Students will survey randomly selected students from all classes to assist us in evaluating the class dean system. It is a very brief survey that should take you only about five minutes to complete. We would like to determine the extent to which the mission and goals of the class dean system are being met. Your participation in this process is invaluable to us, as it will help us to both assess how students interact with their class deans and to better allocate resources based upon unmet need. If you are selected to participate in the survey, we encourage you to complete it. Responses are confidential and will be reported in aggregated form...

Off The Cuff: Tim Elgren, scientist, teacher and new Dean of Arts and Sciences

Maddie Stocker, News Editor

February 14, 2014

What geared you toward the sciences? I’m a physical inorganic chemist, so that’s a lot of chemistry. That’s my background. [I went to] undergraduate school in St. Paul, MN, and really explored a lot of areas. I was interested in psychology, I got interested in biology, and ultimately landed in chemistry, and really felt that I was incredibly fortunate to have landed at exactly the kind of level of question that I really enjoyed thinking about. So chemistry was a natural place for me. I went off to Dartmouth [College] and did my graduate work in this specialized area of chemistry. I [was] always interested in environmental chemistry, but when I got there I became interested in a biochemical detoxification projec...

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