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Administrative Bloat Evades Real Issue

Editorial Board
April 14, 2017
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The General Faculty Committee considered recommendations for implementation from the Strategic Plan Implementation Committee for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion working group today, including a suggestion to create a new “Chief Diversity Officer” administrative position. Though well intentioned,...

Philosophy Department Responds to Gender Disparities

Jackie Brant, Contributing Writer
March 10, 2017
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As I argued in the Review several weeks ago, women are underrepresented in philosophy, both in Oberlin’s department and the field as a whole (“Philosophy Departments Lack Diversity,” Feb. 10, 2017). Since then, I had the opportunity to meet with Professor Katherine Thomson-Jones, chair of Oberl...

Paris Attacks Target Multiculturalism

Josh Ashkinaze, Columnist
November 20, 2015
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The Paris terrorist attacks were shocking, but one particular detail was especially surprising: One of the suicide bombers who attacked the Stade de France was a Syrian refugee, according to his passport. The document lay next to him, suspiciously intact, despite the condition of his body. This led some Fren...

Students Must Allow Dissent, Avoid Admonition in Classroom

Robert Bonfiglio, Contributing Writer
September 11, 2015
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Students at Oberlin College have a diverse array of interests and passions, resulting in an intersectionality often mentioned as a selling point on admissions tours. One common anecdote we share with prospective students is how chemistry students participate in guided research about the erosion of o...

Identity Does Not Define Experiences

Taiyo Scanlon-Kimura, College senior
April 24, 2015
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To the Editors: My name is Taiyo Scanlon-Kimura. I take he, him and his. I am a mixed-race Japanese American. I am cisgender and heterosexual; I am from Ohio and a strictly middle-class background. (I received a federal Pell Grant one year and not others because my family is right on the cusp of certain...

OCRL Lecture Series Fosters Diverse Opinions

OCRL Presidents
April 18, 2015
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To the Editor: The Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians are proud to host Christina Hoff Sommers as part of the Ronald Reagan Political Lectureship Series. Since its beginnings in 2006, the Reagan Series has brought many distinguished scholars and commentators to our campus. As the Series’...

Jewish Community Must Include Diverse Politics

Oberlin College Hillel
April 10, 2015
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To the Editor: We, the undersigned members of the Oberlin Jewish community and of Oberlin College Hillel, publicly announce our support of the Freedom Summer Veterans panel held on April 8, 2015. Inspired by their deep-seated Jewish values, these three activists have devoted their lives to social...

February Senate Update

Machmud Makhmudov and Megs Bautista
March 13, 2015
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Student Senate has started off the semester diligently working on making the grass visible again; we’re glad to say that we’ve finally succeeded. You’re welcome. This rapid improvement in our efficiency is in no small part due to the election of seven new senators — all of whom were chosen in...

Feature Photo: March 4

Feature Photo: March 4

Oliver Bok, News Editor
March 6, 2015
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Associate Dean Pablo Mitchell and Professors of Comparative American Studies Afia Ofori-Mensa and Shelley Lee discuss the second anniversary of March 4, 2013 at an event sponsored by the Multicultural Resource Center on Thursday. Two years ago, the Oberlin administration canceled classes and held solidarity...

Oberlin Public Schools Look to Increase Staff Diversity

Tristan Cimini
February 13, 2015
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Oberlin Public Schools made headway on the district-wide initiative to broaden diversity by appointing former teacher, Assistant Principal and Administrator Gloria Buxton as the liaison for the project earlier this month. As a minority recruiter, Buxton will identify the staff ’s diversity needs, recruit...

Open Letter from Oberlin’s Equity and Diversity Committee

General Faculty Committee on Equity and Diversity
December 5, 2014
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Dear members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee, As members of the Oberlin College General Faculty Committee on Equity and Diversity, we are writing to urge you to consider the fundamental place of diversity (including, but not limited to, differences of race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexuality,...

Under ‘Review:’ The Paper of Record Takes a Look in the Mirror

Rosemary Boeglin, Editor-in-Chief
February 28, 2014
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In this installment of “Inside Campus Publications,” the Review turns the critical lens onto its own journalistic and organizational practices. This April marks The Oberlin Review’s 140th anniversary, and to properly honor the legacy of one of the nation’s longest-running student newspapers, its ...

Established 1874.