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Issue 3 Flops in Election Day Turnaround

Issue 3 Flops in Election Day Turnaround

November 6, 2015

After the proposed legalization policy went up in smoke, many Ohioans were left wondering why the pro-marijuana support had seemingly vaporized behind the polls. The push for marijuana legalization, which previously accrued 90 percent approval from those vying for medical marijuana and 53 percent from recreational cannabis supporters, was shot down by 64.1 percent of voters last Tuesday. Issue 3 flopped after the language of Issue 2, an initiative fast-tracked to counteract the legalization amendment,...

Marijuana Legislation Must Account for Racial Injustice

Editorial Board

November 6, 2015

With an almost two-to-one ratio vote on Issue 3, Ohio did not legalize recreational marijuana on Tuesday. By a much smaller margin, Issue 2 passed. The state-sponsored Issue 2 was a direct response to ResponsibleOhio’s marijuana legalization proposal, which would have created an oligopoly of 25 total investors in 10 proposed growing plots, concentrating the revenue from legalization in their already-wealthy hands. A recent poll from Quinnipiac University showed a 53 percent approval rate for recreational marijuana and a 90 percent approval rate for medicinal marijuana. Yet Issue 3 may not have passed because many voters were concerned that Black and other minority communities affected most by the drug war and criminalization...

Green Energy Credits Should Be Spent Investing in Future

Charles Peterson, Oberlin resident

October 30, 2015

To the Editors: The Oct. 19 City Council work session [on] Oberlin’s Renewable Energy Credits was a clear demonstration of the differences in vision among Oberlin’s City Council. The issue at hand is what to do with the hundreds of thousands of dollars in green energy credits earned by the city. This was a policy started in earnest in 2007 with City Council’s decision to sell RECs. This initiative is designed to generate revenue to contribute to the expansion of Oberlin’s sustainable energy initiative as members of the Clinton Climate Initiative. Before the Council is a proposal presented by the staff of Oberlin Municipal Light and Power System for a “rebate” back to the average citizen of, at this coun...

Slocum’s Leadership Experience Will Translate to City Council

John and Linda Gates, Oberlin residents

October 30, 2015

To the Editors: The commitment, skills and leadership experience that Linda Slocum brings to her candidacy for the office of City Council member equip her in unparallelled ways to represent the citizens of Oberlin and to work with a team of leaders to execute effective decision-making that will benefit the Oberlin community. Linda’s years of dedicated leadership in the League of Women Voters exemplify her belief in fostering an informed and participatory democracy. She values studying complex issues, and she is committed to learning, listening and working to bring consensus among people with varying ideas. Linda’s shared leadership in the Interfaith Hospitality Network demonstrates her ability to organize and wo...

Student Senate Election Statements

Student Senate

September 18, 2015

Student Senate elections are live until 11:59 p.m. today. The ballot link was sent via email to the student body on Monday, Sept. 14. Elijah Aladin Obies, I am a dedicated and ambitious first-year student with high hopes to bring change to Oberlin. My vision, if elected to the Student Senate, is to ease the transition for incoming students by improving the effectiveness of existing facilities. During orientation, for example, I heard whispers about frequent nervous breakdowns and mental health issues, yet there was little information about the resources available to help with these issues. I discovered that, while we have a health center, it’s separated from most of the campus! This should better publiciz...

OFD Requests Support of Charter Amendment 27

Dennis Kim, Oberlin Fire Department

October 31, 2014

To the Editors: On behalf of your Oberlin firefighters, we respectfully ask for your support for Charter Amendment 27, an amendment to Section XIX of the City of Oberlin Charter that will be presented on the Nov. 4 election ballot. This proposed change was submitted on behalf of the fire department, as it would authorize Oberlin City Council to consider the hiring of your part-time firefighters through the unclassified service rather than the current classified service used by Civil Service. Your part-time firefighters are the essential core of the city’s ability to provide fire and rescue service to the community. It is their professional service that assures that the department can accommodate our community’s...

School Board Asks for Vote on Issue 3

Barry Richard, President, Oberlin School Board

October 31, 2014

To the Editors: At its July 15, 2014 meeting, the Oberlin School Board voted to place a one mill continuing permanent improvement levy, Issue 3, on the Nov. 4 ballot. If approved, this millage amount will generate approximately $182,000 in additional yearly revenue for the district. The estimated cost on a $100,000 home is approximately $3 per month, or $36 per year. These monies can only be used for expenses that have a life of five years or more (e.g. roof, boiler, doors, textbooks, band and orchestra equipment, sidewalks, parking lots, furniture, etc.). The reasons for this request are as follows: (1) The cost of maintaining our buildings has exceeded the amount collected by our current PI funds for the last...

Ray Young Brings Strong Experience

John and Diane Adams

October 31, 2014

To the Editors: Ray Young would make an excellent State Board of Education member for our district. We have known Young and his family for 17 years. In that time, he has been a teacher, a principal and a college professor. Not only does he hold a master’s degree in education, but his experience is in all fields of the educational spectrum. Young’s two daughters are certified teachers; he has been a good example for his own children, as well as all of the students he has influenced throughout his career. Young and his wife Dolly have four grown children and ten grandchildren ranging between the ages of 1 and 10 years old. Young is a committed father, a husband of 38 years and grandfather who offers a wealth of...

Ray Young for State Board of Education

Julie Torrence

October 31, 2014

To the Editors: I am a special education teacher and a mother. In both of these roles, I have had many questions and concerns with the function of our education system. I have sat in countless staff meetings and listened time and time again to the new plans laid out by our political leaders. I have heard the grumblings of teachers and administrators asking: Why the changes? Things are fine the way they are. Do these politicians know anything about teaching? Have they even spent one day in the shoes of an educator? Do they remember how difficult it was to be a student and carry the weight of the world? While I don’t doubt that most politicians strive to make better systems for our schools to achieve a brighter tomorrow,...

As Elections Begin, 14 of 15 Senate Seats Vacant

As Elections Begin, 14 of 15 Senate Seats Vacant

September 19, 2014

After an acrimonious spring semester and a failed referendum, Student Senate has lost its stipend funding and 14 of its 15 members, marking the upcoming school year as the first in decades that student senators will not receive pay. A referendum held last spring, in which students were asked in an anonymous email whether or not they believed student senators should retain their funding, failed to attract enough voters. While about 80 percent of the votes cast were in favor of hourly ...

Senate Liaison Encourages Participation

Machmud Makhmudov

October 4, 2013

To the Editors: First, I would like to thank every Oberlin student who either voted or ran as a candidate in the recent Student Senate election. The election began last Tuesday, and ended Friday at noon, with 22.5 percent of the student body participating. The timing and brevity of the election has caused some confusion, and I’d like to take the opportunity to clarify the situation. Article I, Section B, Part iii, Clause C of our bylaws, which are available on our website, states, “A general election shall last five days or until the election reaches quorum [20 percent of the student body].” However, our Constitution states in Article II, Section 5, Clause C that “the elections [must] last for five days or u...

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