Slocum’s Leadership Experience Will Translate to City Council

John and Linda Gates, Oberlin residents

To the Editors:

The commitment, skills and leadership experience that Linda Slocum brings to her candidacy for the office of City Council member equip her in unparallelled ways to represent the citizens of Oberlin and to work with a team of leaders to execute effective decision-making that will benefit the Oberlin community.

Linda’s years of dedicated leadership in the League of Women Voters exemplify her belief in fostering an informed and participatory democracy. She values studying complex issues, and she is committed to learning, listening and working to bring consensus among people with varying ideas. Linda’s shared leadership in the Interfaith Hospitality Network demonstrates her ability to organize and work with a variety of volunteers as well as her commitment to on-the-ground efforts to improve the lives of individuals and the community in very practical and tangible ways.

The ability Linda has cultivated to listen and to hear citizens and colleagues on Council in the vital decisions on Oberlin’s future will benefit the Council and the community. Linda has communicated openly and clearly her commitment to environmental sustainability, to improved transportation systems for this area, to public safety and to the welfare of the entire community.

Oberlin voters face a challenge, a positive challenge, in the vote for Oberlin’s City Council on November 3 — to make good choices among a field of very strong candidates.

We urge you to consider Linda Slocum to represent you on City Council.

John and Linda Gates

Oberlin residents