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Frisbee and Football: An Unlikely Love Story

Jane Agler, Sports Editor

February 15, 2019

Unlike what its name might suggest, the Oberlin Flying Horsecows Ultimate Frisbee team should be taken seriously. According to USA Ultimate, its A team had a 25–12 record last year, sweeping the Ohio Valley Division III Regionals without a single loss and ending the season with a respectable 2–4 appearance at the Division III College Championships — colloquially known as Frisbee “nationals” — in Rockford, IL. Making it to the championships was noteworthy itself, but now the Flying Horsecows are hungrier than ever and hope to do it again. This time, they hope to finish with a higher position in the final standings. “One of the reasons why we might not have done as well at nationals [last year] i...

Noam Fisherman (left), co-captain of the Flying Horsecows, and Emma March, co-captain of the Preying Manti.

In The Locker Room with Noam Fisherman and Emma March, Ultimate Frisbee Captains

November 3, 2017

This week, the Review sat down with junior Noam Fisherman and senior Emma March, two captains of the Oberlin Ultimate Frisbee Teams. Fisherman is a co-captain of Oberlin’s men’s team, the Flying Horsecows, while March co-captains the women and trans team, the Preying Manti. The Horsecows and the Manti will host their annual home tournament, Force Freedom, tomorrow and Sunday on the North Fields. This interview has been edited for length and clarity. How long have you each been the captains of Oberlin’s fri...

Jacob Gilbert (left) and Jason Freedman

April 29, 2016

This year, Oberlin is hosting the Ohio Valley, USA Ultimate Regional Championship for both the men’s and women’s leagues. This week, the Review sat down with the captains of Oberlin’s men’s Ultimate Frisbee team, The Flying Horsecows, seniors Jacob Gilbert and Jason Freedman to discuss the mechan­ics of hosting a regional tournament, the benefits and challenges of playing at home and what Oberlin students can expect from the teams this weekend. Could you talk a little about the tourna...

Men’s Ultimate Frisbee Takes Flight

Quinn Hull

September 23, 2011

Socks jogs along the midfield line, then, like a shot, he cuts toward the goal. He glimpses it out of the corner of his eye: shooting through the air, perfectly delivered, right on the money. But he’s closely defended. He locks elbows with an opposing player in the end zone; they make a final jostle for position. Then together they ascend. As the many Oberlin residents, students and parents at Savage Stadium on Saturday who showed up for the football game soon realized, it wasn't what they thought it was. This was Ultimate Frisbee, courtesy of the Oberlin Flying Horsecows. Socks — the nickname his teammates bestowed upon him — doesn’t snag the hovering disc for the score, at least not this time. Instead,...

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