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College third-years Leo Ross and Bethany Gen.

Leo Ross and Bethany Gen, Queer Varsity Athletes

September 13, 2019

Varsity basketball player Leo Ross and varsity soccer player Bethany Gen, both College third-years, have been dating for the past ten months. The two athletes met while working as Preventing and Responding to Sexual Misconduct trainers, a program designed to educate students on combating gender-based discrimination and sexual violence. Throughout their relationship, they have navigated their position as queer Oberlin students, with the added layer of being queer varsity athletes. Their relationsh...

New Albino Squirrel Mascot Unveiled

New Albino Squirrel Mascot Unveiled

September 6, 2019

This albino squirrel suit recently debuted as Oberlin’s new mascot. With its beady, red eyes and signature Birkenstocks, the mascot has been described as an embodiment of the Oberlin College community. No longer will the squirrel only be seen printed on school apparel — students can anticipate seeing the creature in the fur at various sporting events and around campus. Jim Ward of Collegiate Branding created the albino squirrel logo back in 2010, revamping a concept originally introduced...

Dave Zirin Provides Model for Sportswriters By Respecting Intelligence of Sports Fans

Jane Agler, Sports Editor

September 6, 2019

Dave Zirin, political sportswriter and editor for The Nation, spoke at my high school five or six years ago. Since his visit, I’ve found myself reflecting on his words from time to time, especially as I have grown older and begun to pursue sportswriting myself. It is only now, years after seeing him onstage in my high school auditorium, that I’ve come to understand why I found him so memorable. For one thing, I’ll never forget how Zirin had the courage to visit a Chicago high school and explain to its student body why the Chicago Blackhawks are a prime example of racism in sports. He debunked a few myths, such as the idea that the Blackhawks were named after a native tribe when, in fact, they were nam...

Jenna Gyimesi

In The Locker Room with Jenna Gyimesi, College Senior, Varsity Athlete, Columbia School of Journalism Graduate Student

May 10, 2019

College senior Jenna Gyimesi can be found on every corner of the campus. At the Review office, we know her best as our hardworking News Editor, but she is also a varsity field hockey player, an equestrian team and fencing team member, vice president of the class of 2019, co-chair of the Student Honor Committee, and a triple-major in Politics, Law and Society, and Philosophy. However, Gyimesi will be directing her efforts toward a different campus in New York City after graduation. Next y...

Caster Semenya Case Highlights Barriers Facing Intersex Athletes

Jane Agler and Olive Hwang

May 10, 2019

Every year, there are several sporting events or stories that dominate social media platforms for a few days or, in some cases, weeks. This year, we’ve seen the internet flooded with news ranging from Tiger Woods’ Masters win and the New England Patriots’ historic Super Bowl LII title to the voices of NBA players after the death of Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle. Recently, the debate surrounding South African Olympian Caster Semenya has brought track to national attention. Semenya is a middle-distance track runner born with intersex traits, and on May 1 the Court of Arbitration for Sport ruled she must take hormone suppressants if she wishes to continue competing. The two-time Olympian is a massive s...

Son Heung-min Weighs in on England’s Race Debate

Jane Agler, Sports Editor

May 3, 2019

If you are familiar with my previous sports columns, then you are well aware that I am a huge fan of Tottenham Hotspur winger Son Heung-min — in spite of my die-hard allegiance to Arsenal FC. My affinity for Son is controversial, to say the least, but makes sense given my own South Korean identity. As a Korean-American viewer, it is exciting to watch a Korean athlete succeed on the pitch. But in some ways, his success is equally as disheartening due to the negative — and racist — attention it receives. On January 14, Tottenham launched an investigation after a fan tweeted that other Tottenham fans had acted “hideous[ly]” during a match, directing racist comments and chants toward their very own K...

Sean Kuo

In The Locker Room with Sean Kuo, College Junior, Fencer, Club Sport Athlete, and Pre-Med Student

April 26, 2019

While “In The Locker Room” interviews often focus on members of the Oberlin community associated with varsity athletics, College junior Sean Kuo is a prime example of the flexibility and fun that can be found through participating in Oberlin’s many club sports and activities. Kuo’s friendly presence and love for exercise make regular appearances at nearly five clubs around campus; primarily the club fencing team, Club Aikido, and the Movimiento dance crew — all while he majors in Biol...

In an attempt to globalize the MLB, the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds faced off in a two-game series in Monter- rey, Mexico, April 13–14. Cardinals pitcher Giovanny Gallegos was the only Mexican-born player to compete in the series.

Cardinals-Reds Series Marks MLB’s Plans to Globalize

April 19, 2019

Over 130 miles south of the U.S.-Mexico border in Monterrey, the St. Louis Cardinals faced off against the Cincinnati Reds in a two-game series. The Mexico series is one of several efforts made by the MLB to globalize its brand and increase popularity abroad. Last month, the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colorado Rockies competed at the Estadio de Béisbol Monterrey. The MLB will return to Mexico in two weeks, with another two-game series between the Los Angeles Angels and Houston Astros. ...

Zachary Vaughn

In The Locker Room with Zachary Vaughn, Junior Tennis Player, Undergraduate Research Fellow, and STEM Student

April 19, 2019

Like many Oberlin student-athletes, College junior Zachary Vaughn has his hands full. When the Chemistry major and Math minor isn’t in the lab conducting research or doing work for class, he can be found on the tennis courts competing in both doubles and singles matches. His athletic feats did not go unnoticed last year — he was an All-NCAC Honorable Mention selection and has now taken on a leadership role on the men’s tennis team, in light of the team being particularly young this y...

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